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3 Advantages Family Gatherings Provide to Children

In the struggle of being a responsible parent, life can become a blur of busyness. Activities outside work and home life must be carefully chosen. One of the most valuable ways to invest leisure time is on family gatherings, especially during holidays. If your family is like almost everyone else’s, meeting with extended family often means putting up with difficult relationships and unpleasant confrontations. As long as your children are in a safe environment when the family at large gets together, there are some tremendous benefits that make the sacrifices worthwhile. The following are three of the top benefits to children of regularly being a part of family gatherings, whether just the immediate family or, often better, a larger circle of relatives.

Better, Happier Citizens

When it comes to family gatherings, the benefits go way beyond attending just any social event. Research proves unquestionably that there are fantastic impacts made on members of the family and society at large. Such activities also tend to have the following effects on children:

  • Less worry.
  • Less need for discipline.
  • Increased affection for other members of the family.
  • Greater optimism and higher ambitions.
  • Better behavior at home and at school.
  • Builds Greater Understanding

When our lives are separate, it is more difficult for extended family members to truly get to know one another. Children who spend plenty of time with family members end up with a wider base of individuals who understand them. In addition, kids become familiar with issues other relatives are struggling with. A supportive family is a true asset, and it can become a building block for character. Sharing our lives and finding joy in one another can help children grow in empathy.

Unforgettable Memories

About half of the people in a major study indicated that their happiest memories were holiday celebrations with family. The positive emotions brought lasting impact. The memories serve as an anchor that powerfully provides comfort and strength during the most difficult struggles of life. Quality time is believed to be the part of the holidays that makes for stronger memories.

What are your best memories of childhood? A terrific parental guideline is to try to impart similar experiences on your own children. It will make the hassle of dealing with the more extreme family personalities less of a pain.

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