Parents who love road trips can find ways to travel with toddlers so that everyone is happy. There are many potential challenges, since lengthy travel in a car may be completely different from the norm. Toddlers may be too young to understand what’s going on, and the change in schedule...
  Except with a firstborn, the arrival of every new baby means helping siblings to adjust. If a sibling is a toddler, a little extra time and thought may be needed, to assure a healthy transition. Toddlers are often unable to understand exactly what’s happening. They may resent having their...
It hasn’t just been hot this summer. It’s been too hot even for kids to enjoy being outside. The unrelenting sun is too much of a threat, with the harsh UV rays. Of course, it’s a sad affair when the kids are forced to play indoors on sunny days and rainy days. We parents tend to go crazy, as the kids become bored to tears and start bouncing off the walls, as they say. The following are some indoor activities for kids, perfect for rainy and tortuously hot days.
Have you always wanted to achieve superhero status? The following are some of the reasons your children can grow up convinced that you have an awesome alter ego.
Obviously, it can be difficult and embarrassing at the same time, to ride on an airplane with a baby who can’t seem to be appeased. It may be possible to improve the situation, with some planning. The following tips on airplane travel with a baby can help.
5 Games Babies Love

5 Games Babies Love

From the time they are born, babies are capable of interacting and having experiences and fun, according to childhood development experts. These five games are sure to accomplish that plus provide important interactions for developmental growth.