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15 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit - In November!

When October is gone and the spooky vibes are left behind, November emerges: but that's not a bad thing. Say hello to Santa Claus in style with 15 ways to get into the Christmas spirit before December even hits.

Ways to get into the christmas spirit child santa hat fireplace

1. Start Christmas Shopping
The early bird often gets the worm, as they say! Get your Christmas shopping done early this year and lower your holiday stress lowered by shopping until you drop in November. By November 1st, most malls and shopping centers have broken out the Christmas decorations and Santa usually makes his appearance from the North Pole, too.
Plus, with Black Friday sales, it's easy to find everything they want for a great price.

2. Put Up Christmas Lights and Decorations
Past Halloween, some people put their Christmas lights up right away. If you have them, why don't you do the same? Decorate your living space with Christmas candles and decor, and if you have a house, make sure those lights shine bright so Santa Claus can see them! 

3. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Every Thanksgiving, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade puts on a huge spectacular with balloons and performances by artists for the whole family. At the end of it all, the last float? It's always Santa Claus! Seeing him go through the streets of New York City will have your ready or Christmas right around the corner.

4. Watch A Christmas Movie
From Netflix to Disney+ to Hulu and Cable TV, there are tons of ways to get your favorite Christmas movies all year round. You don't have to wait for December to pop in Little Drummer Boy and get into the spirit of Christmas.

5. Make Your Christmas Wish List
Sit back and ask yourself - what DO you want for Christmas? Make your Christmas wish list and get into the holiday spirit in no time! Sites like and can help get you there! (And Brisco Baby offers cute gifts for the little ones if you need them!) 

6. Visit Santa Claus
As early as mid-November, Santa Claus comes to town - usually nearby. Bring the kids to visit him early and request their Christmas wishes. Enjoy the mall decor and the sales, and of course, the cuteness!

7. Take Your Holiday Card Picture
Get those holiday cards out early and decrease your stress. You can take them yourself and use a service like Vista Print or you can make it easier and go to a JCPenney Portrait Studio and get it taken there!

8. Listen To Christmas Music
If you tuned into your radio right now, you'd probably stumble upon some Christmas carols. Ther'es nothing like Mariah Carey or Michael Buble crooning to get you into the spirit - so crank it up!

9. Put Up Your Christmas Tree Early
Aaah. The lights, the ornaments, and the star at the top - is there nothing more magical than a Christmas tree? It's majestic and holds the spirit of Christmas in one plant. If there is anything that will get you into the spirit of Christmas than this structure, shining merry and bright!

10. Bake Christmas Treats!
Test our your Santa Claus approved cookies or make Rice Krispie Trees! No matter what you make, a sweet treat will get you right in the mood to welcome Santa. 

11. Get A Countdown Calendar
Get excited with a countdown! From advent calendars that feature something special every day to just marking it off on your everyday calendar, this is the perfect option for anyone who always needs something to look forward to.

12. Visit Christmas Lights
Whether you live in a neighborhood or a city, it's likely you'll find Christmas lights anywhere you go. Make going to visit Christmas lights an event on your November calendar and you'll be ready to go Christmas shopping in no time!

13. Discover New Christmas Recipes
From cookies to cakes, pies to casseroles, there are so many options to be a baker or professional chef on Christmas Day.  Find a recipe online and test it so that it is perfect for when Santa Claus comes around again.

14. Create A Christmas Cocktail
Just like with the perfect food recipe, you should also think of a great drink to serve to your guests on Christmas eve and Christmas day! Check online for some festive cocktails that feature wine and spirits that will have you feeling jolly.

15. Start Secret Santa
Things in your office unfestive? Arrange a Secret Santa with your office or friend group or make it a white elephant - where you can swap gifts with people or keep what you got! 

Have ideas on how to feel festive? Comment below or shop Brisco Baby for cute holiday gift ideas for kids!


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