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A Guide To Christmas Movies: The Classics

Tis the season to be the jolly! Whether it's your little one's first Christmas or your fifteenth, the Christmas movies never get old. Check out our top picks for Christmas classics below! What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Christmas movie classics

1. Elf 
How can you not enjoy this movie that is consistently syndicated on multiple cable channels? Buddy The Elf grows up in the North Pole but has always been different than the other elves. When he realizes he's adopted, he sets on an adventure to New York City to discover his family. This heartwarming story is family-friendly with some fun jokes the adults will find entertaining as well. 

2. The Santa Clause
Tim Allen must work as Santa Clause on Christmas. The first of many Santa Clause films, this heartwarming story has everything you need for a Christmas movie - elves, snow, Santa, and a heartwarming ending the whole family will enjoy.

3. It's A Wonderful Life
Ever wonder if life would be different without you in it? That's the premise of this story, where an angel shows a man how much of an impact he has on everyone's lives. This classic is just something you have to see once (or twice, or a zillion times.)

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Peanuts gang is always up to something, and this time it's Christmas. Our charming melancholy Charlie Brown wants to find the meaning of Christmas while his friends are celebrating together. Another feel-good film featuring the gang who's been around for decades.

5. A Christmas Story
Ralphie spends his Christmas day dodging a bully, having heartfelt moments with his mother, and dreaming of his perfect gift like any kid. Follow him through this movie where you can relate to this humbling character full of Christmas spirit.

6. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
All of the Christmas claymation classics are perfect for watching on Christmas Eve, but Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer is one that reigns true. Follow along Rudolph on his way to lead Santa's sleigh with his glowing nose!

7. Home Alone
I promise this is in no particular order! Kevin McAllister and his adventures is a truly original Christmas movie. Watch along (for the zillionth time, probably) as Kevin dodges the thieves who try to steal from his home at Christmas.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas
Whether it's a Halloween or Christmas movie, everyone can agree this movie is a true spooky classic. Jack Skellington is the king of Halloweentown, but when he discovers Christmastown, he comes up with a plan to kidnap Santa Claus and take over that town, too. This movie is beautifully done and way ahead of its time, and the perfect Christmas flick.

9. The Holiday
This list would definitely not be complete without a click-flick rom-com. Fall in love just like Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet do when they switch places for the Christmas season. 

10. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Follow the Grinch in this Dr. Seuss tale as Cindy Lou Who shows him the meaning of Christmas and makes his heart grow two sizes after a night of hi-jinks stealing the Christmas presents of Whoville.

Got a favorite Christmas movie? Comment below!

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