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The Spookiest Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is one of the best times to be a kid! From the candy to the scary times and pumpkin carving, check out our top picks for the scariest Halloween costumes for kids!

Brisco Baby Blog Scariest Halloween Costumes

1. Zombie
The undead is so trendy nowadays, it's not even scary. From TV shows to movies, it's almost impossible to avoid this fad. So get them some makeup, rip up some clothing from home or get a store-bought costume, and they'll be ready to go. Who doesn't want to make wretching noises and freak people out? Kids will love the messy makeup and scares, you'll love the cheap DIY project!

2. Vampire
From Van Helsing to Edward Cullen, vampires have played a huge part in our pop culture. These bloodsuckers remain far more appealing than their leech cousins and there's something so old school gothic about their attire. This Halloween classic can easily be pulled off by pulling together formal clothes (white shirt and black pants or a dress), a cape, and of course, fangs and fake blood. If they turn into a bat, let us know

3. Dead Bride
This one is for the girls! Be sure to show that walking down the aisle is far off for your little one, but this is a close second. You'll hear wedding bells - or will you - when you give them all they need to be the betrayed and betrothed. Find an old white dress or make one with sheets, rip it up, add some makeup, a wig, and a bouquet of dead flowers.

4. Swamp Monster
He comes from the ground, he lives in the swamp he's your little one! This is an easy DIY costume that is totally cheap and spooky. With an old wet suit, rubber boots, rubber gloves, dark green wig, a loofa, fake plants, a green bathing suit or dress, sponges, and paper plates. Trust us, nobody will see you coming.

5. Phantom
Be sure to have death become your little one a bit earlier than expected when you give them the tools to become a creepy phantom this Halloween. An all-black sheet combined with a super scary store-bought mask is the perfect combination to create nightmares for everyone.

6. Scarecrow
This isn't the scarecrow on your front lawn. It's something a little...darker (and probably shorter.) With jeans, a flannel, some straw, and a creepy mask and accessory weapon, you've created a quick and easy look that will get everyone on edge.

7. Killer Klown
These aren't your typical circus clowns. Get your creepy on by supplying them with a cloth long sleeve jumpsuit, creepy makeup with whiteface, a wig, and maybe even a red nose. Your little one is sure to provide some scares that are equally thrilling and chilling.

8. Chucky
The best idea for a creepy children's costume? One straight from the movies. Good Guy doll Chucky isn't your ordinary doll - he is a murderous ex-serial killer trapped in a doll's body. Bring these campy movies to life by dressing your little one in Chucky's outfit, adding a red wig, some makeup, and a knife, of course.

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