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With Halloween just around the corner, let Brisco Baby assist you with some scary kids costumes!
Safety is an important component of child-rearing at every stage of life, but the toddler stage is especially fraught with multiplied hazards. Being mobilized and independent on their own two legs, little ones can get into danger at the blink of an eye. Childproofing the home minimizes the risk, and a childproofing checklist is found here. It includes things like preventing cabinets containing chemicals from being opened by a child. The following are a few other things to keep in mind, for the protection of toddlers.
It hasn’t just been hot this summer. It’s been too hot even for kids to enjoy being outside. The unrelenting sun is too much of a threat, with the harsh UV rays. Of course, it’s a sad affair when the kids are forced to play indoors on sunny days and rainy days. We parents tend to go crazy, as the kids become bored to tears and start bouncing off the walls, as they say. The following are some indoor activities for kids, perfect for rainy and tortuously hot days.
“Are onesies too hot in summer?” is a great question to ask. Physicians say babies and children don’t have the same ability to regulate internal temperatures that adults have. 
If you make Memorial Day Weekend a family celebration of patriotism, your kids will likely remember throughout their lives. Here are 10 ways to share Memorial Day Weekend with the whole family.
The vast majority of human beings are blessed with mothers who are absolutely the best ever. It’s universally recognized that “Home is where Mom is.”