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It’s No Coincidence That Mom’s Are Da Bomb

The vast majority of human beings are blessed with mothers who are absolutely the best ever. It’s universally recognized that “Home is where Mom is.” It’s really mind-blowing what loving mommas do and go through for their children.

The more aware you are about all she does, the more astonishingly incredible you will find your mother to be. Honestly, it’s not an exaggeration to say that moms are the original superheroes.

Here comes a spoiler. Mothers are the way they are not because their wrinkly offspring are the most lovable tiny humans on the planet, inspiring greatness. Instead, mothers have naturally built-in instincts that may create all that is great about her in that sacred role.

How Moms Work

It Starts During Pregnancy

Mothers generally care very much about their bodies and the way they look. And yet when they are pregnant, they are more focused on the joy of having a baby growing inside.

Even those who gain scary amounts of weight consider it worth it to have a baby. Mothers sacrifice their bodies, knowing, also, that there is likely great pain ahead when giving birth.

A few who opt to dodge pain are able to get to the hospital quickly enough to avoid it, thanks to the miracle of properly administered epidurals. But most moms have to go through the pain of pushing something unreasonably large and skull-like through a narrow canal of their body after hours of contractions.

Nature Alters Mom's Brain

Just as animals have instincts, human mothers are provided with inner workings that ensure the survival of their offspring. Researchers have discovered that women experience changes in their brains and nervous systems when they have children. In short, mothers naturally have infant caregiving instincts.

There are parts of a mother’s brain that are activated when a baby starts making a fuss. Even before a mother has consciously processed what is going on and what is needed, the cry of their baby creates a trigger to move and be ready to talk. There is a proven motor-evoked response to the cry of their infant.

Controlled studies found that detectable brain changes occur in a mom within three months of giving birth, and the effects of the change are to protect the infant.

Built-in Awesomeness

Obviously, what nature provides when a baby is born carries over throughout childhood. Whatever makes them such outstanding individuals, moms are worthy of recognition for all the wonderful things they do for their children.

Be sure to do something special for your mom on a regular basis, remembering that she’s the one who did most to ensure that you were born into this world and thrived from the time you were a completely helpless little infant.

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