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10 Ways To Spend Memorial Day Weekend With Your Child

Spending Memorial Day Weekend With Your Child

As a parent, you have the opportunity to make holidays truly meaningful for your children. Memorial Day is a solemn recognition of lives lost in service to our country, but it is also an incredibly patriotic holiday that can be fun for everyone. If you make Memorial Day Weekend a family celebration of patriotism, they will likely remember throughout their lives.

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kid This Memorial Day

1.) Red, White, and Blue Breakfast

Start out the weekend by serving the kids a creative and yummy red, white, and blue breakfast on Saturday morning, to warm them up to the weekend’s meaning and coming festivities. It could be as simple as cream cheese on a slice of whole wheat toast, strawberry jam, and blueberries on top.


2.) Dress Everyone Patriotically

Although it is also an unofficial kick-off to summer, Memorial Day is ultimately about those who died while serving in the U.S. military. Because of their sacrifices, we can still celebrate our wonderful country and our flag. Carry flags; sing patriotic songs; and wear red, white, and blue hats, shirts, or dresses.


3.) Face Paint!

Everyone in the family wears face paint. You can usually have face painting done at a Memorial Day Family Event, but you can also use a do-it-yourself face-painting kit.


4.) Memorial Day Trivia Competition

If your kids are old enough to surf the Internet, have them all prepare for a Memorial Day Trivia Contest. Let the trivia contest winner choose their favorite red, white, and blue treat for the family to make and enjoy together.


5.) Make a Patriotic Family Dessert

Family time in the kitchen is always fun. Everyone works together to create a patriotic dessert. One idea is to bake a sheet of rolled-out sugar cookie dough, cut the cookies into squares, and decorate them as flags using fruit over a layer of vanilla yogurt frosting.


6.) Go to a Memorial Day Parade!

Bring lawn chairs, snacks, and drinks to watch a Memorial Day parade. There’s usually one in every town. Get everyone decked out in patriotic clothes and bring your flags for waving.


7.) Visit a Local Cemetery

Giving children an example of paying respect to fallen service men and women is a way to recognize Memorial Day that they are likely to remember always. Bring flowers to place on the graves of veterans in the local cemetery.


8.) Host a Themed Party

Invite friends and family over to have a patriotic celebration. Everyone can bring their favorite picnic foods and wear the colors of our flag. Hang a banner and let people know beforehand they can post names and photos of loved ones or military heroes they are recognizing on Memorial Day.


9.) Create a Lasting Memory

Plant red, white, and blue flowers in your front yard so that the all-American occasion can be remembered throughout summer.


10.) Celebrate with Baseball and Apple Pie

Invite family members and friends or your entire neighborhood to have a Memorial Day softball competition at a local park. Wear the appropriate colors for celebrating all the best about America, and be sure apple pie is served.

Make Some Memorial Day Memories With You Kids

Creating these kinds of memories can be unforgettably fun for your children. You can take pride in knowing you’ve taught your little ones about the price paid by individuals for the freedoms we enjoy.

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