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Toddler Safety Tips for the Home


Safety is an important component of child-rearing at every stage of life, but the toddler stage is especially fraught with multiplied hazards. Being mobilized and independent on their own two legs, little ones can get into danger at the blink of an eye. Childproofing the home minimizes the risk, and a childproofing checklist is found here. It includes things like preventing cabinets containing chemicals from being opened by a child. The following are a few other things to keep in mind, for the protection of toddlers.


Electrical Hazards

Covering electrical outlets is a basic in child safety. Without outlet covers, a toddler may decide to poke something inside an outlet. The result could be a potentially lethal electrical shock. Extension cords also pose a danger. A teething toddler could chew on a live cord. If electrical cords are damaged, the wiring can spark and ignite a fire; damaged cords should be replaced.

The recommendation for protecting toddlers from electrical threats includes making sure there are no loose electrical wires in the home. They should be secured under tape or kept out of little ones’ reach.



It’s easy for toddlers to get their fingers trapped in door hinges. It’s best to keep doors completely open and secured or fully closed. Once toddlers are able to open doors, it’s safest to lock exterior doors and, as much as possible, interior doors. An alternative is to place a protective cover on doorknobs that stops little hands from opening doors.



Toddlers are often climbers, but they don’t yet understand about gravity or the possibility that heavy furniture can fall onto them. Flat screen televisions placed on tables are extreme hazards, based on reports from hospitals. Every 30 minutes in the US, a child is taken to an emergency room because a flat screen TV fell on them. Bookcases and chests of drawers should be secured to the wall with a strap or in some other way, to ensure that a climbing toddler doesn’t get seriously injured by pulling the furniture onto himself or herself.



In January 2019, the National Safety Council said a recent worldwide study shows that every year, approximately 5 children die from accidentally falling out of a window. In addition, about 3,300 children suffer serious enough injuries due to falling from a window that they are taken to a hospital. It’s important to keep windows closed and locked around toddlers, especially on upper floors. If windows need to be opened at the bottom within reach of a little one, it helps if you open it only up to 5 inches, so that a child can’t crawl through.



Dogs and cats are family members, too, but it can sometimes be hard to predict how one of our furry friends will react to the antics of a toddler. At such a young age, small children don’t understand that pets can bite and scratch when threatened or nervous. It’s essential that toddlers and babies are not left alone in a room with a dog or cat.dfg


Enjoy your Toddler!

Children are so precious, and the toddler years are fleeting. By taking precautionary steps and keeping a watchful eye on toddlers, parents can relax and enjoy the moments while avoiding accidents.


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