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Tips for New Parents to Save Money


Most parents feel the weight of parenthood in their bank account, where it can really hurt. Children are worth it, but each person is a new mouth to feed, as they say. All the while, most parents want to ensure a good future for their kids. Many start saving for college when their kids are babies. But how can you spend what you need to while saving money? There are ways! The following are parent-tested tips, all of which are practical ways to budget and shave down expenses related to raising little ones.


1-Arrange for Hand-Me-Downs

It’s shocking how quickly babies grow out of their clothes, which, unfortunately, are not heavily discounted based on their size. You can save a considerable amount of money by making arrangements with other parents so that everyone hands down outgrown clothes to someone else. Play clothes don’t need to be perfect, since they get so dirty. And nicer outfits tend to stay in good condition because parents take special pains to prevent stains and tears.


2-Keep Packaging and Receipts

If you received a lot of baby gifts at one or more baby showers, you could cut your costs with a good strategy. Most people give the receipt along with their gift, in case of duplicates. Keep the receipt and packaging of items you open but aren’t sure about. That way, if you determine you don’t need certain things, after all, you can return them and use the money for diapers or other expenses.


3-Poop-Related Cost Savings

If you got an expensive diaper pail at your baby shower, you can return it for the money. Instead, just use handy doggie poop bags for your baby's poop diapers. You can get 1,000 bags for about $15. Also, cut costs on baby wipes when you have a newborn. Some people recommend soft gauze pads plus water in an irrigation bottle. Others save tons by using ½ sheets of soft paper towels and placing a few at a time in a baby wipe tub with some water, a touch of olive oil, a drop of tea tree oil, and natural baby wash.


4-Save on Nursing Tops

The cost of nursing bras and shirts is high. Save money by wearing stretchy tank tops under your shirts. When nursing, pull up the shirt and pull down the tank top. Works like a charm.


5-Save on Baby Food

Baby food is expensive. Why not make your own? It can save a huge amount of money, plus it’s healthier for your child. Just steam and puree vegetables and fruits and pour them into silicone ice cube trays. Freeze the food and pop out frozen menu items when ready to use them. Baby food recipes are easily accessible online.


6-Enroll in a Neighborhood Swap

For the many toys and supplies that go along with raising a growing baby, you may be able to trade with neighbors in a free swap program. Apps for this type of thing are popping up everywhere.


Happy Saving!

Raising kids is stressful enough without adding the problem of overspending. You can stay on budget with these and other smart cost-saving strategies plus some extra effort. Have fun with it and enjoy reaping the benefits!

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