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With Halloween just around the corner, let Brisco Baby assist you with some scary kids costumes!
A great family activity for summer is picnicking, and perhaps that’s why August has been dubbed National Picnic Month. If you’re a parent with small ones who may not be old enough to fully appreciate the pleasantries of a picnic, there’s good news. Babies and toddlers can all enjoy a picnic when you make a few adjustments due to their age. Some tips on how to picnic with babies and toddlers follow.

Having trouble settling on a name for your baby? It’s a common struggle among parents and the reason baby name books always have a market. There are some studies you can refer to as potential guidelines, and you might want to use them to narrow down your field of baby name choices. According to research, a person’s name has a positive or negative impact on a person’s life in more ways than we can count. Below, learn more about the difference a baby’s name makes.

Hot weather is a danger to babies because their temperature regulating systems aren’t fully developed. This means their bodies don’t have a function that keeps them cool, as adults do. Excessive heat can be life-threatening for babies. Infants and kids up to 4 years of age are among those at greatest risk for heat-related illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


May 20 is annual National Rescue Dog Day and a good time to consider the plight of dogs in need of homes. If you are a parent, getting a dog could be one of the best decisions you ever make. You are doing a lot more than multiplying the size of your family. Dogs bring benefits that can impact a child immediately and throughout life in some great ways. Consider the following benefits to children of having a dog.
Every first Saturday in April is National Love Our Children Day and the perfect time to celebrate great parents. Love Our Children Day is all about child abuse prevention. Every child deserves to be loved and raised with care, which is what great parents do. The following are some of the top attributes of the best parenting.