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5 Reasons for Parents to Get a Family Dog


May 20 is annual National Rescue Dog Day and a good time to consider the plight of dogs in need of homes. If you are a parent, getting a dog could be one of the best decisions you ever make. You are doing a lot more than multiplying the size of your family. Dogs bring benefits that can impact a child immediately and throughout life in some great ways. Consider the following benefits to children of having a dog.


5 Reasons Dogs are Good for Kids


1- Dogs Provide Protection

You have a precious little baby or toddler in a world that can be scary. Having a dog in the household and while on outings can provide extra security and peace of mind. PLEASE NOTE: Never leave a dog alone with an infant or small child because, for many families, doing so has led to tragedy. If you have a well-trained dog, you can feel confident that your older children are safe outside with the dog, who will provide protection.

Dogs can be trained to help in many remarkable ways. For instance, if your child is allergic to peanut butter, some dogs can be trained to detect the allergen and provide a warning. For hypo-allergic kids, a dog can be lifesaving.


2-Dogs Contribute to Good Health

Dogs are active creatures who need plenty of exercise. Your children can participate in the many activities associated with the proper care of a dog. Taking a dog out for exercise and to go on walks can make a huge difference in the lives of children who may otherwise spend almost no time outdoors. The addiction to watching screens is believed to be responsible for a rise in obesity of children, but having a dog can offset that modern trend. Getting out in the sunshine and breathing fresh air are also great things for kids.



3-Dogs are Loyal Friends

With a dog as a companion, your child can be prevented from developing loneliness and depression. Dogs are exuberantly affectionate and most are ever willing to play when children need them. If your child is feeling stressed, nervous, angry, or sad, a dog can relieve all of those symptoms. Just the fact that a dog makes kids feel loved and wanted with no judgment is priceless.


4-Development of Skills

Studies show that helping to care for a dog at home promotes creativity and reading skills in children. Kids learn how to be in charge because they are caring and sharing responsibility for a dog. The way dogs promote reading is that young children can read to their dog with confidence, knowing their pet won’t judge or criticize them for mistakes. Children often learn creativity when dog grooming and using dog accessories. When walking a dog, children can improve their socialization skills, as others ask about their pet.


5-Dogs Help with Emotional Development

Loving, playful dogs give people of all ages an uplift, and they can help children with their emotions. Siblings who share a love for their dog can experience a stronger bond with each other. Getting involved in pet-oriented duties helps to develop better self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and a stronger sense of commitment and responsibility.


Happy National Rescue Dog Day, Parents!

Considering all of these wonderful benefits to children, why not adopt a dog on National Rescue Dog Day? There are millions of dogs in need of a home every year. If you have doubts, take your children to volunteer at a dog shelter. Then you can see for yourself some of the wonderful possibilities of owning a dog.



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