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May the 4th Be with Your Family on National Star Wars Day

It’s National Star Wars Day on May 4 every year, and parents who want the force to be with their children are thrilled about it. Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon, and it all began when the first Star Wars movie introduced a new level of sci-fi believability. Fans got sucked in, and love of the characters and deep space adventures has only gotten stronger. As movie franchises go, the force is strong with this one. And what of National Star Wars Day? Worth celebrating as a family, it is. Do it, you can, as follows.


Play Star Wars

Construct scenes from Star Wars movies using sets of Star Wars Legos. Or you can get more creative and use blocks to tell your own storylines in the continuing saga or a surprise prequel of the megahit.

If you have older children, you may want to battle out scenes from Star Wars using lightsabers, Han Solo Blasters, Leia Pistols, and other toy weapons.

Spend the entire day putting together a metal model kit of the Millennium Falcon or a The Force Awakens Special Forces TIE Fighter.


Make Fun Star Wars Foods

The Spruce offers a variety of Star Wars foods with an article of great ideas for parties. You may want to make or serve Easy Stormtrooper Cupcakes, Light Saber Pretzels, Wookie Cookies, Jabba the (Pizza) Hut, Carbonite Jello with a Han Solo captured in a frozen stance, and Princess Leia Cupcakes. Offer Luke Sky-Water, Yoda Soda, or Vader-Ade to wash down the yummy Star-Wars-themed foods.


Wear Star Wars Clothes & Costumes

What could be better than another day of the year besides Halloween to dress up like a Star Wars character? National Star Wars Day is nothing if not the perfect time to show your love of the franchise with the clothes you wear. Everyone in the family can participate, including babies. You can go all out with your costume or opt to dress the entire family in t-shirts, though you may choose a Star Wars onesie for the littlest one in the family.

Dress your baby in a onesie that says, “I love you to the Death Star and Back.” Have a child with hair that is adorably out of control? A “Wookie Hair Don’t Care” Star Wars toddler shirt may be perfect. Does Mom have a bun in the oven? She can wear a “That’s No Moon Star Wars Maternity T-Shirt.”


Have a Movie Marathon

Serve snacks and enjoy a movie marathon of Star Wars movies with the family. The original trio of Star Wars hits is a great place to start, for parents introducing their kids to love of all-things-Star-Wars.


How Will your Family Celebrate National Star Wars Day?

It’s impossible to exaggerate the excitement of true Star Wars fans when it comes to opportunities to come together as a group and celebrate the franchise. The fun is even better when it becomes a family tradition. How will you celebrate National Star Wars Day?

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