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Celebrate Top Qualities of Great Parenting!


Every first Saturday in April is National Love Our Children Day and the perfect time to celebrate great parents. Love Our Children Day is all about child abuse prevention. Every child deserves to be loved and raised with care, which is what great parents do. The following are some of the top attributes of the best parenting.


A Soft Heart

Parenting is tough. The crying of newborn babies, the antics of toddlers, and the everyday rowdiness of normal children can wear on a parent’s nerves. When a parent has a pliable, soft heart, though, the reactions to everyday difficulties are tempered. Compassion, love, and empathy may be basic requirements for good parenting.


A Sense of Humor

It is essential to have the ability to laugh when life becomes extremely stressful. First of all, young parents are forced to deal with a certain amount of sleeplessness. This naturally results in irritability. When a tiny little baby has had a series of smell, messy diaper explosions, it makes all the difference in the world for a parent to see the humor of a situation. Throw in the mix that the family is trying to make it to an important event and shouldn’t be late. In a moment, laughter can turn the chaos into a good memory.


A View of the Future

Good parents are preparing their children for a lifetime journey. Contributing to a child’s development is an important way to do that. Reading to babies and toddlers usually results in an inclination for the child to love books and learning. Psychologists say a child’s potential is largely determined in the formative years of life. For this reason, the best parents apply knowledge to their important work and do all they can to make the most of those important years.


A Good Listener

It’s easy for parents to get into a pattern of lecturing their children but not really listening. The best parents give their children a chance to speak, as opposed to dominating conversations. Listening to children helps them grow into responsible adults, and it strengthens the relationship between parents and kids. Listening to children is one of the best ways to get to know them.


The Gift of Time

Besides provisions for the basic needs of life, what children benefit from the most is quality time with parents. It may seem like a simple thing, but many working parents have difficulty finding time for their children. Just 10 minutes of attention focused on your child per day can make a world of difference in their happiness, self-esteem, and their grasp of being loved. It can also reduce bad behaviors designed to grab attention. A few tips for spending time with children:

  • Allow children to help with cooking.
  • Go walking or bike riding with your child.
  • Play games together, especially the child’s favorites.
  • Do home projects together.


Celebrate National Children’s Day

Finding ways to help abused children is a wonderfully worthy endeavor, and being a great parent is every bit as awesome. On this special day that occurs every April, take the time to be thankful for great parents. Celebrate them!






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