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7 Things to do with Babies and Toddlers in Spring

The earth is currently showing signs of celebrating springtime, and it’s nice to share the delights of the season with your baby or toddler. Trees are budding, birds sing happy tunes, baby animals are abundant, and the air is mild and inviting. Walking trails are more crowded starting on the first dry spring day. As new parents, it can be difficult to get out of the house and enjoy the season, but it’s worth the effort. The following are seven ideas for enjoying spring with your baby and/or toddler.


 1-Blow Bubbles!

Babies and toddlers can probably feel the excitement of spring as much as anyone. As long as there are no health reasons not to, bring your little ones outside and blow bubbles. While you’re relieved to just get out of the house after winter, they’ll enjoy the simple pleasure of watching bubbles float around and then popping them.


2-Go See Baby Animals

You may be able to see baby animals at your local zoo or at a rodeo petting zoo. Seeing baby lambs and baby goats can be a thrill for toddlers, and babies are often mesmerized watching animals. Do some research, as needed, and bring your baby to see some four-legged babies.


3-Search for Caterpillars and Butterflies

The butterflies are out in full force in spring. Go for a walk amidst butterfly gardens and give your toddler the joy of seeing them flit among the flowers. If you find a caterpillar in your yard, you can raise it in your home and watch it become a butterfly. It’s a thrilling experience.


4-Fly a Kite

On a breezy spring day, take your little one to fly a kite. This is such a simple activity and yet it can be unforgettable for children. Add to the excitement by making your own kite, though store-bought kites are plenty of fun, too.


5-Gaze at the Clouds

It’s just welcoming to be outside in spring, and an activity you share with your child can be as simple as laying on the grass or a blanket and gazing at the clouds. This is a time for letting your imagination run free, letting the sun shine on your face, and forgetting about the pressures of parenthood for a few minutes.


 6-Go on a Family Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch for the family and spread out a blanket in your yard or at a park or nature center. With a new baby or a toddler full of energy, a picnic is a great way to enjoy spring weather. There’s something special and carefree about a picnic that everyone can appreciate.


 7-Take a Nature Walk

Strap a baby carrier on if you have an infant and get out in nature. If you have a toddler, show him or her budding trees, flowers, and birds’ nests. Listen for singing birds and smell the earthiness of the season. Search for worms and caterpillars. A nature walk can be really exciting in spring.



Enjoy Springtime with your Little One

There’s something extra special about spring, and it’s great to share the joy of the season with your little one. With all the responsibilities you have as a parent, focusing on spring outings is an excellent way to break out of any doldrums that may have set in during winter. Have fun enjoying all that spring has to offer.

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