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“Let’s Laugh Day” Tips for Frazzled Parents


March 19 of each year is Let’s Laugh Day all over the world. New parents for whom exhaustion is the new normal could use a reminder that it’s important to laugh often. Raising children is hard work but when you do a good job of it, there’s rarely anything better in life than the fruits of such labor. The following are some great reasons for parents to keep a sense of humor and then some tips on how to go about it.


Why Parents Should Laugh Every Day

When doing something as difficult and yet monumentally important as raising children, people may tend to take their responsibilities or themselves too seriously. Parenting can and should include laughter, just as life as a whole is meant to be enjoyed. The following are some great reasons for parents to laugh and keep on laughing:

  • We were created with painkilling natural hormones called “endorphins.” These wonderful hormones are released when we engage in strenuous physical activity and also when we laugh! When life hurts, the best thing you can do is laugh from your belly because then you’ll feel better.
  • The kind of person others gravitate to are those who have a good time. Parents who laugh are more pleasant for children and adults to be around.
  • You will be healthier if you make it a point to laugh often. The types of diseases, illnesses, and other unpleasantness you can avoid through laughter include heart disease, high blood pressure, fatal accidents, stress, obesity, and a weakened immune system.
  • You will be more attractive to your spouse by lightening up, especially when humor is needed most.
  • Humor can be the perfect diversion when you might otherwise be tempted to feel completely overwhelmed, such as when you look at mountains of dirty laundry or face a fecal explosion that radiates from your baby’s diaper.
  • Through laughter, you can stimulate your own creativity, a skill every parent needs.
  • Sleep deprivation is a problem shared by many parents, but laughing during the day helps you to relax and unwind. You will sleep better if you maintain an attitude of cheerfulness.
  • Make it a point to remember how fun it was to be silly as a child. You can thoroughly confuse your children by cutting loose and acting crazy every once in a while. The atmosphere of your home could be altered if the entire family laughs together on a regular basis.


Tips for Parents: How to Laugh

  • Value laughter. Wake up each day with a determination to smile and with readiness for laughter.
  • Change your point of view when stress starts to build--when looking at messes, for example. Remember in the midst of the chaos that you can always play some of your favorite happy tunes or listen to a great audiobook while cleaning up later.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself.
  • Don’t obsess over a plan, such as getting the family to church on time. With children in the house, it’s impossible to predict what might happen at any given moment. Just go with the flow.


Happy Let’s Laugh Day!

Parents, how have you been doing with maintaining your sense of humor? Let this day of focus on laughter be a reminder when you’re feeling frazzled: It’s not that serious.

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