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We live in an age of instant everything, and it deprives us of a lot of mystery that was enjoyed in previous times. Take baby genders, for instance. In the days before ultrasounds, the gender was anybody’s guess, which made everything very mysterious. Check out the following tips or myths for guessing a baby’s gender.

May 2 is National Brothers and Sisters Day 2019, and it may be something you want to share with your children. It’s not unusual for parents to take a stand and insist that their kids develop good relationships with each other. There can be tremendous value in having a sibling, though parents often have to force their kids to appreciate one another. Below, learn some interesting statistics, information about the value of having siblings, and a few tips for celebrating National Brothers and Sisters Day.

The earth is currently showing signs of celebrating springtime, and it’s nice share the delights of the season with your baby or toddler. Trees are budding, birds sing happy tunes, baby animals are abundant, and the air is mild and inviting. Walking trails are more crowded starting on the first dry spring day. As new parents, it can be difficult to get out of the house and enjoy the season, but it’s worth the effort. The following are seven ideas for enjoying spring with your baby and/or toddler.
April 19 of each year is Let’s Laugh Day all over the world. New parents for whom exhaustion is the new normal could use a reminder that it’s important to laugh often. Raising children is hard work but when you do a good job of it, there’s rarely anything better in life than the fruits of such labor. The following are some great reasons for parents to keep their sense of humor and then some tips on how to go about it.
Only parents can grasp the astounding way in which life changes after a baby has arrived. With round-the-clock activities focused on a newborn, mom and dad often operate in pure survival mode. Dads can’t help but notice that a breastfeeding baby gets all the intimacy, even if it’s an entirely different kind. Yes, it’s a challenging time, but Valentine’s Day is an excellent reminder to keep the romance alive. Some tips for doing that as new parents follow.
For many of the challenges that go along with parenting, we have technology that can help. It practically makes you feel pity for the parents of yesteryear, who had to go to stores to buy diapers, visit the local library to do research, and use recipes from whatever cookbooks were handy. It can raise your spirits when you pause to reflect on just how much we have to be thankful for, as tech-powered parents.