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Advantages of being a Tech-Powered Parent


For many of the challenges that go along with parenting, we have technology that can help. It practically makes you feel pity for the parents of yesteryear, who had to go to stores to buy diapers, visit the local library to do research, and use recipes from whatever cookbooks were handy. It can raise your spirits when you pause to reflect on just how much we have to be thankful for, as tech-powered parents.


No Need to Go it Alone

Due to the demands of raising babies and toddlers, parents can begin to feel isolated from the world. Thanks to Facebook, you can make connections with old childhood friends and former school buddies as well as distant and nearby family members. Anyone with an android phone can use an app to make connections just like FaceTime on iPhones. Though it’s not live face-to-face conversation, it’s the next best thing. When you feel frazzled and on your last nerve, you can reach out to a friend or family member and get needed support.


Data Access

It is just thrilling to find answers to all manner of parenting questions, simply by Googling. With the information highway on your phone and computer, you can pull up countless solutions to the challenges you face daily. Wondering whether to take your baby to the doctor? Google the symptoms and possibly find out any related illnesses. You may find out that your concern is over something completely normal--but check your information sources and contact your pediatrician, if there are any doubts.

As your kids get older, it’s wonderful to be able to get on the Internet and check their math answers, help them with research, and connect with other parents. Your child asks you why dogs sniff other dogs’ butts? You can look that up, too.


Learn Life Hacks

Nobody had the benefit of awesome, instant life hacks back in the day. Or if they did, it wasn’t as good as we have it. Life hacks for parents can be incredible time-savers and lifesavers when facing a wide range of issues. On a budget? Learn how to make for $5 what would cost you $200 in a store. Don’t have time for stores? Order from Amazon! Need to help your child create a craft project or cook a certain type of food for school? Easy steps or recipes are likely available online. Want some creative parenting ideas for a headstrong child? There are life hacks for that, too.


Capturing Memories

With our video- and camera-capable phones handy at all times, we can easily capture our children’s early moments. When you consider that in earlier times, projectors and very expensive video cameras were required, it’s awesome! There are many great reasons to capture the joys of childhood. One of the best is that you can look at the wonderful fruits of all your labors. Raising children is the noblest of undertakings, but it makes life so busy, it can feel like a blur. Simply press “record” or snap photos as often as possible, for memories to help keep your humor while parenting and for your children’s lifetime enjoyment.


Helpful Blog Articles

Of course, blogs on parenting are also very helpful. Technology can be one of your best friends while raising your kids. Are you a tech-savvy parent yet?

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