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5 Kinds of Chaos Parents of Babies can Expect


Some chaos is unpredictable when you have kids, but certain events that can make you late for work can practically be predicted. Being a parent is undeniably challenging, but you can still keep calm by understanding what having little ones naturally involves. Babies and toddlers are obviously just starting out in life, and they need a lot of help. If parents are careful to keep a level head in every circumstance, there can be a lot less tension when inconvenient emergencies occur.        


1- Hopelessly Soiled Work Clothes

You’re fully dressed for work and the only thing left to do is transfer the baby from the high chair to the car seat. The only problem is that the baby spews gummy oatmeal on your work clothes during the maneuver—the kind that can’t just be wiped away. If you are lucky enough to have a second outfit ready to go, you are prepared indeed. As you deal with it, make a mental note to take protective measures in the future. Maybe you could wear a bathrobe over your clothes throughout dealings with your baby on workday mornings.


2-Diaper/Toilet Accidents

When babies and kids of all sizes have to go, they have to go. Sometimes, they go big! A baby’s poo can leak out on all sides of the diaper, leaving behind a disastrous mess that could invoke the gag reflex in many new dads and moms, as well. There’s a whole new challenge when toddlers are in the potty-training stage and haven’t perfected things. All kinds of chaos can and usually does ensue.


3-An Injury on the Way to the Car

A little one can trip, fall, and end up with a bloody knee and injured hands while walking out to your car. This is just one more type of delay that requires some time, to keep histrionics from getting even more out of hand. Sometimes rushing ahead with set plans, in spite of someone getting an ouchy, may seem expedient, but anyone can afford the extra minute it would take to show caring and empathy. The kids who become the best citizens learn about compassion somewhere—it may as well be from you.



There are rules at daycares and schools regarding how much fever a student can have before being required to stay away until healthy. These rules interfere with the plans of countless working parents. It’s an expected part of being a parent, but that doesn’t make it any less disruptive.


5-Lack of Sleep

Babies and toddlers are notorious for causing parents to be sleep-deprived. Trying to function on an hour or two of sleep makes everything more difficult! The parents who keep on plugging, in spite of numerous sleep disruptions, deserve a medal.


This, Too, Shall Pass

The antics involved with raising children can be unending. The best thing parents can do is expect daily interruptions and plan accordingly. Start getting ready earlier than usual. Things are more likely to go smoothly if you aren’t in a hurried mode, anyway.



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