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6 Tips for Picnicking with Babies and Toddlers


A great family activity for summer is picnicking, and perhaps that’s why August has been dubbed National Picnic Month. If you’re a parent with small ones who may not be old enough to fully appreciate the pleasantries of a picnic, there’s good news. Babies and toddlers can also enjoy a picnic when you make a few adjustments due to their age. Some tips on how to picnic with babies and toddlers follow.


Be Flexible

A successful picnic outing with babies and small toddlers requires more than the usual planning. Flexibility may be needed due to the timing of naps and the level of a little one’s fussiness, in addition to the weather forecast. Finding the right time is especially challenging for families with two or more who are age 3 and under. Ultimately, it may require an intimate acquaintance with nap patterns and the right timing for the baby to be in a happy-go-lucky mood.


Food to Calm

While parents are enjoying a picnic setting and the pleasures of stretching out under the shade of a tree, little ones usually prefer eating their favorite foods. Bring along handy meals and snacks as well as bottles or sippy cups and favorite beverages. Just in case your child doesn’t want to cooperate with the special plans for the day, consider bringing your child’s favorite indulgence they usually only get from grandma or their favorite aunt.


Goodies for the Grown-Ups

It wouldn’t be fair if little junior was the only one having fun on the family picnic. Pack something to thrill your senses, which may mean serving Tomato Cucumber Salad, chilled chocolate-filled strawberries, delicious chicken salad, or fried chicken, the favorite picnic staple of all time. Don’t forget the icy drinks, which are a must for a summer picnic.


Dress Comfortably

A picnic is the place to bask in an outdoor getaway while giving mealtime a completely different spin. Dressing in something cool and comfortable goes hand-in-hand with the special event. Choose an offensive baby onesie or a funny toddler tee for the little ones, to open the door for plenty of humor and laughter. For the rare occasion, Mom and Dad should wear whatever makes them happy.


Strategize Seating/Napping Comfort

Holding your child on your lap while trying to eat isn’t easy. Instead of trying to make the picnic blanket work, consider bringing along a handy fold-n-go crib for the baby or a comfy kid’s chair for your toddler to sit. Some portable cribs suitable for napping fold out and basically resemble a large dresser drawer. With such equipment, you’re all set to make the most of things, in case your child dozes off during the picnic.


Choose a Safe Area

If you have a toddler who likes to explore, make sure the spot you choose for your picnic has plenty of space in all directions that appears to be safe. This would mean, for instance, staying away from any type of body of water or sports play.


Happy National Picnic Month!

During the hard work of raising kids, it’s important to have fun together as a family. A picnic is ideal when you can manage to get all the involved ducks in a row. Start planning today, and why not order a funny toddler tee? It may only add to your picnic anticipation and enjoyment.


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