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The Best Superheroes From Their Favorite Movies, Ranked

Every little one wants to be a superhero. They're great role models and they always win! If you or your little one can't wait to defeat the villain, check out our list for the top superheroes from their favorite movies (in recent years, of course) ranked from worst to best.

best superheroes ranked

Sorry, this is at the top (well, technically bottom) of our list. While his powers are great, he's a one-man hero - what fun is that?

Green Lantern
Not only did the movie stink, but so does this hero. Technically there are a lot of them, but having the power in a ring is just a little too cheesy. 

Arthur Curry is funny and handsome, but as a superhero, he pales in comparison to his heroic counterparts. Yes, he can connect to the sea, which is unique to the other heroes, but it's mediocre at best.

This silly hero is pretty strong, but the idea of a child transforming into a superhuman adult is just something that's hard to get behind.

He is the strongest ever - but he's an alien. He's just lame. I don't have more to say.

Yes, there is an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man. He had a big impact in the Avengers movies, but honestly, if you're going to be a hero that's big and small, pick a name other than Ant-Man.

Guardians Of the Galaxy
Together, they're great. Apart, they're great too. Take away the humor and you get mediocrity.

They're powerful - but half of them don't know how to control their powers.

Suicide Squad
They saved the world but not before killing people and being villains. So are they heroes? Yes, but not very good ones.

Again, he's kind of a villain but since he's mixed with Spider-Man so technically he counts, right?

The Justice League
Sure, they're a team, but they saved the world in style. Between their banter and their powers, they're a force to be reckoned with.

Fantastic Four
They were stylish, they were sassy, and they were a new band of character. Human Torch, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and The Invisible Woman came to our screens (the first time) and stole our hearts.

A blind superhero? Yeah, XMen had cyclops, but that's just not the same as this crime-fighting crusader.

The Incredible Hulk
We don't like it when he's angry but isn't it cool when he smashes stuff?

She's sassy, she's quick, and she's one of a kind. If you love cats, this superhero is sure to make you smile (even if you're not a cat person, she's pretty rad.)

Iron Man
He's smart, he's a bachelor, he's pretty awesome, but this archetype has been played out before.

Captain America
Even though he's America's hero, if it weren't for Chris Evans, this character would fall flat. He does have an awesome shield, though.

He's not even a hero. He's like an anti-hero. This X-Men gets a top spot on the list because of his wit and his power.

Dr. Strange
Sometimes, smarts are far more powerful than strength. Dr. Strange shows that sometimes, power isn't everything.  Plus, he has a magical cape.

Swinging from webs, senses, super strength. This powerful hero is also super smart, which enables him to save the day the right way.

He's a classic and people love him. But he's just a regular guy who can kick butt. This endearing quality gets him on top of this list.

Captain Marvel
Trained in combat, Captain Marvel is a true hero. Superman came from outer space too but he didn't actually have the strength Captain Marvel does. A strong female that can kick butt? What more could you want in a hero role model?

Black Panther
He fights for Wakanda, he fights for his land, he fights for his people - and he's a king. T'Challa is a new type of hero that puts everyone else to shame.

Okay, if your child has seen this movie, then I hope they won't remember it. Vulgar, obnoxious, and hilarious, this hero is a one of a kind trip that is more for adults than kids.

Wonder Woman
DC might fall short to Marvel, but they crushed it with Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is nothing short of extraordinary. She's strong and has solid beliefs. Have you seen the 2017 movie? Wonder Woman is the greatest hero and that's why she tops our list for the best heroes that your little one loves!

There are hundreds of different heroes around that weren't on the list - comment below with your favorite!

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