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13 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved on Valentine’s Day


When children grow up feeling truly cherished, it becomes a powerful source of confidence that can steer them through life. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to pour on parental love for your child. You can never tell, after all, whether they may need a boost because they didn’t get a Valentine’s Day card from a favorite classmate at school. The following are 7 ways to encourage your child (or children) with an expression of your love on Valentine’s Day.


13 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Parents

1-Using a dry erase marker, write a note to your child on the bathroom mirror. It could say, “I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” If your child could use some encouragement, write an uplifting message, such as, “I am so proud of you! You are smart and fun to be around.”

2-Cook heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. This way, you can start the day letting your children know that you love them with all your heart.

3-Sneak a note in your child’s lunchbox. Write a silly Valentine poem just for him or her on the note, to bring a smile during their school day.

4-Instead of rushing off at school, visit with your child for a few minutes. Ask questions about what’s going on in science or whatever their favorite class is.

5-Give your child a Valentine card and include a list of the things you like most about him.

6-Tell your child the story of the day they were born, and say it’s the same day that he or she became the great love of your life.

7-Make a love-themed Mad Lib for your child. All kids love Mad Libs! You can find one online here. Fill in the blanks and read the final product together. Laugh at the silliness!

8-Decorate your child’s bedroom door with photos of him, hearts, and personal messages to him. This can be perfect for any age. Write things like, “I love how you meow like a kitty cat.” “Greatest kid ever!”

9-Make or buy heart-shaped sugar cookies and have them waiting for your child after school.

10-Plan one of your child’s favorite activities, whether it takes place at home or involves going on a local outing, such as a visit to a local park.

11-Serve your child’s favorite menu items for dinner and decorate the dining table for Valentine’s Day.

12-Give your child the best gift of all: Your time and your undivided attention. If possible, devote the entire evening to your child. Read books together, do needed chores together, and be sure to talk to and listen to him the entire him.  

13-After dinner, go out just for a favorite dessert, such as ice cream at an ice cream shop.


Giving Love is the Best Part

If you have a baby, you can show love to your little cutie, too. Talk to your baby and give extra rocking time. Let your baby know he's the best baby in the world.  The great thing about going the extra mile to show love to someone is that the joy bounces right back on you. If you take the time to do one, more, or even all of these things for your child, Valentine’s Day is likely to become his or her favorite day of the year.


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