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Activities to Keep Children Occupied Indoors During Summer Heat

Paint pet rocks

It hasn’t just been hot this summer. It’s been too hot even for kids to enjoy being outside. The unrelenting sun is too much of a threat, with the harsh UV rays. Of course, it’s a sad affair when the kids are forced to play indoors on sunny days and rainy days. We parents tend to go crazy, as the kids become bored to tears and start bouncing off the walls, as they say. The following are some indoor activities for kids, perfect for rainy and tortuously hot days.


Indoor Activities for Children During Summer


Paint Pet Rocks

The kids can’t get out in nature; so, give them a craft involving nature. Gather small rocks, washable or acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and little googly eyes. Encourage your children to have fun painting the rocks, whether for decoration or to create pet rocks.


Marble Races

Use those pool noodles it’s too hot to use in a pool and create racing fun on the wall. Use three pool noodles or more, zip ties, marbles, and a peg board, which is available under $10. First, hang the pegboard on the wall in an area perfect for play. Attach the pool noodles to the pegboard using the zip ties. Place a funnel at the top of each noodle. Have the kids race marbles or, depending on the practicality of it, pour water through the noodles.


Gutter Races

The goal is to keep kids occupied for as long as possible. Making a race track with a rain gutter could do the trick. Place the gutter on the stairs and use small matchbox cars to race on the track. Don’t tell the kids, but they will also get some exercise as they go back and forth, running up and down the stairs to race or retrieve their cars.


Dance Freeze

Join in the fun with the kids by placing Dance Freeze with them. Play some lively dance music and suddenly pause it. The idea is for the children to freeze when the music is turned off. Anyone who moves during freeze time is eliminated. Continue playing until one child remains and wins the game. This is another great way to get kids moving.


Window Art

Buy some window markers for your kids. They are like basic markers, but they are perfect for drawing on windows. Clean up is easy. All you need to do is wipe the window clean with a wet cloth. If the kids like drawing, this could be a hit.


Build Card Houses

Supply the kids with decks of cards and challenge them to see who can build the highest or biggest card house.


Dress Up

Unpack any stash of old clothes you may have. Let the kids play dress-up. They might enjoy playing with make-up, too, to complete their looks.


How to Keep Children Occupied Indoors on Bad Weather Days

If you’re like most parents, you’ll be praying for a quick end to summer, so the kids can finally get out of the house. Having the children underfoot will be easier if they are enjoying themselves instead of constantly complaining about being bored. Fortunately, none of the ideas above involve much cost, and there are plenty more indoor activities that you could choose from to keep children occupied on hot and on rainy days.

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