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If you are like many parents, you want to set your child up for scholarly success. Learning begins at birth, and the next important phase of the journey is attending preschool. There are ways to prepare your child for preschool, providing a leg up on academic brilliance. The following are...
It hasn’t just been hot this summer. It’s been too hot even for kids to enjoy being outside. The unrelenting sun is too much of a threat, with the harsh UV rays. Of course, it’s a sad affair when the kids are forced to play indoors on sunny days and rainy days. We parents tend to go crazy, as the kids become bored to tears and start bouncing off the walls, as they say. The following are some indoor activities for kids, perfect for rainy and tortuously hot days.
When there are little ones in the household, things can become chaotic very quickly. The demands on a parent alone can make it seem that there’s no way to establish order plus do everything required for survival. But, actually, some efforts toward establishing new routines can flip everything around and turn your household into a more peaceful place.