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How to Prepare your Child to Master Preschool

If you are like many parents, you want to set your child up for scholarly success. Learning begins at birth, and the next important phase of the journey is attending preschool. There are ways to prepare your child for preschool, providing a leg up on academic brilliance. The following are a few ways to get your child ready to excel in preschool.

How to Prepare your Preschooler for Academics


Work on Speaking Skills

Your child is naturally inquisitive, but the teacher may not realize it if Junior isn’t skilled at articulation or pronunciation. Develop speech through constant communication. Use flash cards, starting in the first few months of Junior’s life. Ask your child discussion questions after every book you read together. Hire a speech therapist, as necessary.


Go on Educational Road Trips

While other kids are going down slides on playgrounds, take your child to museums, art shows, blind food tastings, and poetry readings. Junior needs to be exposed to as much in the world as possible, to develop a hunger for knowledge. This will also get the brain triggers working at maximum capacity, so Junior can be a genius like his daddy and/or mommy.


Play Games

Preparation for preschool shouldn’t be all seriousness. Play games, too. All games should be highly educational. Teach your child more than just the basics of how to play with integrity. Teach your child strategies for winning. Games can sharpen problem-solving skills. Don’t pretend your child is the winner because that will only be an insult to Junior’s burgeoning intelligence.


More Practical Tips to Prepare your Child for Preschool

The advice above is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, though there is nothing wrong with wanting your child to be an academic leader. The truth is that what preschoolers need the most is to be ready for their transition into leaving home for a classroom five days each week for the next 17 to 21 years of life, depending on the profession Junior eventually pursues. The following are helpful tips to prepare your preschooler for entering the education system.


Schedule Playdates with Classmates

Find out the list of students in your child’s preschool class as soon as possible. Then set up some playdates with one or more children in Junior’s class before the first day of school. This will give your child one or more friendly faces to see starting day one.


Utilize Babysitters

In months leading up to preschool, leave Junior with a babysitter for several hours from time to time. This will help your child understand that you will be back after dropping him or her off. In some communities, “Mother’s Day Out” programs are available at churches and daycares. These provide the same type of opportunity to get Junior accustomed to times of separation.


Create Excitement

Talk to your child about how much you loved school. On the way to preschool on that first day, be sure that you put aside your smartphone and give Junior all of your attention. Smile a lot, share a cheerful preschool song, and let your child know you are happy for him.

Make a Clean Break

It’s normal for children to cry, but it’s also normal for the crying to stop more quickly if parents don’t hover. Say your goodbye at the door or your child’s desk, give him a hug, and leave, even if your child is crying. The teacher will either know how to handle the situation or will quickly learn.

Whether you want your child to be a future valedictorian or you simply want preschool to get off to a good start, these tips should help.




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