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National Batman Day: Every Batman Movie Villain Ranked

September 15th was National Batman Day, so take a page out of our comic book with the best Batman villains from over the years!

Every Batman Movie Villain Ranked

1. The Joker
The clown prince obviously takes the top of the list. He is easily the most recognizable villain of the caped crusader. From Health Ledger's portrayal in the Dark Knight to his predecessors Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill, the Joker has been reimagined and personified for decades. Ledger takes the cake for his performance of Batman's most frequent villain. (Sorry Jared Leto.)

2. Lex Luthor
Okay, so technically he's not a Batman villain but he did go up against Batman very recently. Plus, who doesn't love a mad scientist gone, well, mad? Jesse Eisenberg's most recent portrayal of Luther was also one to be admired.

3. Poison Ivy
An evil botanist? Sign us up. While she had good intentions as an environmentalist, Ivy turned evil in trying to exterminate anyone that got in her way. Beautiful and evil can be a lethal combination. Between Ivy and her other female villain counterpart, the girl power is represented in the Batman movies through their villains.

4. Harley Quinn
One of Batman's most popular characters takes its form in Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who falls in love with the Joker after treating him as a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. Considering she often accomplices the Joker in his schemes, she deserves a top spot on this list because she does crazy things for love.

5. Scarecrow
Another doctor? You better believe it. As a psychiatrist at - you guessed it - Arkham Asylum, you can be sure that he ranks on this list because his master plans almost always capture Batman. With a specialization in fear and phobias, he can always find what people are afraid of.

6. Slipknot
He joined the Suicide Squad so it's what qualifies him to be on this list. If he was bad enough to be on that team, he's bad enough to rank. 

7. Bane
With his high intelligence, Bane can learn anything quick enough to use it to his advantage. An evil genius ranks on this list because he doesn't have any superpowers besides his wit.

8. Penguin
The "gentleman of crime" serves up his criminal activity with style. His signature top hat, tuxedo, and monocle provide him with a gentlemanly approach to robberies and the like. 

9. Riddler
Not only does he create evil schemes but it's like he majored in English and became evil! Famously known for his crimes involving word games, puzzles, and of course, riddles, the riddler is no dummy. He's one of the less-than-violent ones but still remains one of Batman's greatest villains due to his ingenuity.

10. Killer Croc
As a part of the Suicide Squad, Killer Croc possesses a rare genetic disorder giving him crocodile-like features. He can lift up to two tons and is super fast. If that isn't enough, he also has hardened skin so if anyone shoots at him, he can't really feel it. He's basically invincible, which is why he deserves a spot on this list.

11. Captain Boomerang
Featured in The Flash and Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang creates havoc by throwing boomerangs of varying degrees. From exploding ones to ones on fire, he has it all. While that is pretty impressive, he's not nearly as evil as the others make out to be.

12. Mr. Freeze
Using special weapons like a freeze gun, this cold-as-ice villain has a refrigeration suit that gives him super strength. A little kooky? Sure. But he is one of Batman's most cynical villains.

13. El Diablo
With 3 iterations of his demonized spirit, it's not really evil that lives inside El Diablo, Chato Santana. In fact, it is self-loathing. Originally a violent gang member, this villain accidentally burned his own home down in a fit of rage. Redemption is what he's seeking and in Suicide Squad that's what he does.

14. Talia Al Ghul
Just like Batman, this villain has no powers. She is highly trained in fighting and good at person to person combat. She also has no trouble with weapons, so that makes her the anti-Batman - which makes sense because she does become his girlfriend at some point.

15. Doomsday
Known as this "ultimate killing machine" Doomsday wasn't an explicit villain for Batman, but he did mess with the Justice League, which Batman is a part of. Plus, he can regenerate quickly, which makes it difficult for people to defeat. That's a villain if we've ever seen one.

16. Deadshot
A hit-man just doing what he's got to do. Pretty relatable, right? Wrong. Deadshot's pretty bad - he does work for criminals. 

17. Catwoman
Some might argue she is not a villain but we beg to differ. I mean, she does want to kill Batman but she also loves him? Like Batman, she doesn't have any powers besides her cat-like reflexes.

18. Two-Face
Remember Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight? Yeah, this is him. He's got multiple personalities because half of his face was burnt off from a chemical accident. He's obsessed with the number two. He's not as smart as his villain counterparts and uses a coin to make big decisions - evil, yes, but troubled, nonetheless.

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