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Read A New Children's Book In Honor Of International Literacy Day

September 8 was International Literacy Day. So pick up a children's book (an actual one, no Nooks allowed) and read to your children just like your parents read to you!
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Check out our top picks for new book releases for children in September:

1. Don't Call Me Bear - Aaron Blabey
This funny tale goes into the life of Warren the koala and he's got a message to get across - Teach them some animals and get a chuckle out of it - it's a win-win!

2. Guts  - Raina Tagemeier
This young reader's tale is 224 pages full of a story everyone can relate to. Raina thinks she's sick - but she's actually just growing guts. This is the perfect story for anyone who's looking for a coming of age lesson or two.

3. The Land Of The Spring Dragon - Tracey West
If they're a fan of the Dragon Masters series, they'll love the newest installment in this series for young readers. Drake and his dragon must now face off against the spring Dragon, Fallyn - will they appeal to her?

4. Pig The Pug - Aaron Blabey
Aaron Blabey is back with his animal tales! Pig the Pug is back at it again is his latest adventures about his silly pug life. Perfect for fans of Pig the Elf and Pig the Winner!

5. Nyas Long Walk - Linda Sue Park
Teach your children about other cultures in this picture book about a Sudanese girl named Nya, who goes on a trip that requires a lot of hard work to fetch water for the family.

6. Bruce's Big Storm - Ryan T. Higgins
Move over Mother Goose - it's Mother Bruce that this installment is a part of. In Bruce's Big Storm, Bruce must open his doors to any animal in need - even if it means overcrowding. Show children the power of resilience and teach them a lesson they'll take with them for the rest of their life.

7. It's A Round, Round World - Elie Peterson
Though some people would beg to differ, the Earth is round. Teach kids the basics of science and how the world works with this take that's fun and true!

8. Between Us And Abuela: A Family Story From The Border
This heartbreaking tale is great to teach your children the lesson of the current political climate without being too sad or real - even though it is. Maria and her family travel to the border for Christmas to visit their Grandma adorned with gifts for her. Children will love the heartwarming lesson, while adults can make a political statement.

9. Stargazing - Jen Wang
This middle-grade story tells the author's own tale of a Chinese single mother and her house-mate, who is everything the main character Christine isn't. Despite their differences, Christine must push her feelings aside and finds an unlikely friend in this graphic novel with pop culture references for days.

10. My Wild Cat - Isabelle Simler
This story is everything a cat owner knows and loves about their furry friend. Simler shows all animal owners that they look adorable but they're actually little demons. Sound familiar?

11. Pete The Kitty Goes To The Doctor - James Dean
Pete The Kitty has many adventures in his series of books but this one is the scariest one yet. This is perfect for the little ones learning to read! 

12. Wrinkles - Julie Pugeat
This book lets your little one learn about older people - not just grandma and grandpa. Teach them about respecting their elders and appreciating the people who have lived before them.

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