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3 Top Reasons it’s Hard to be a Baby

While parents are struggling through all the challenges of having a new baby in the house, infants are having their own problems. It may seem that just because babies lay around all day, they have it easy. With a little thought, it’s not hard to see that being a newborn can really be a headache.

1-They may miss the womb

The womb is an effortless place for a baby to be, and the contact with mom is unending. There is literally a tube connecting you! Then comes the birth, which may be easy, if there’s a Caesarean section. Or it could be difficult. The baby’s head may have been literally squeezed into an odd shape in the birth canal, which has gotta hurt.

Then, of course, the doctor may have given the baby a slap, to get the lungs working. Right off the bat, being born into the world is a literal pain in the a**. It can be traumatic.

2-The poop factor

It’s a typical joke for daddies to go into full freak-out mode when they have to change a poop diaper. Moms, of course, are naturally cut out to handle such disgusting things. What about the baby? No one gets a better whiff of the stank than the one stinking everything up. And what about sitting around squishing in the poop, sometimes until it starts to harden and become encrusted? Who would want this? What about soaking in urine, for heaven’s sake?

3-Limited communication

Since a baby can’t talk, the only way they communicate their needs is usually to cry and scream. Parents are trying to figure things out. So they may check the diaper, feed the baby, or burp the baby. But what if the baby has a piece of thread wrapped around his or her toe that’s cutting off the blood supply? What if someone is holding the baby in the wrong position? It can take a long time for parents to figure some things out. And it’s not fun.

There are actually more things that can really suck about being a baby, but let these sink in. It’s time for infants to get the sympathy they deserve. 

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