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5 Games Babies Love

Many parents wonder how they can share fun with their tiny new baby, and the great news is that babies are open for interaction through games very early. From the time they are born, babies are capable of interacting and having experiences and fun, according to childhood development experts. You are laying a foundation for how your child approaches the world by the way you interact with him. You can amuse your baby and enjoy his laughter as you play fun baby games.

Games your Baby will Love

The following are games verified to be loved by babies everywhere.


1. Splish-Splash

Bath time can have a calming effect on babies. Even when they are tiny, you can play splish-splash, which is to splash waters on his arms, tummy, legs, and all around. Use funnels, sponges, or your hands to do the splashing. Once he is sitting up, you can provide amusement for your baby by setting him on a waterproof tablecloth on the floor to play a new version of Splish-Splash. It is essential to supervise your child continuously during the activity. Children must never be left alone with even small amounts of water for any amount of time at all. The supplies are:

  • A shallow pan of water
  • Cups
  • Spoons
  • Sponges
  • A baby doll to splash water on
  • Other water toys


2. Copycat

Making faces at your baby is a great game, to teach him to imitate facial expressions. Babies find playing Copycat more and more amusing as they grow. Even before a baby can focus well, you can put your face very close to his. When your baby is gazing at your face, slowly poke your tongue out. Repeat about every 20 seconds. At your child’s own pace, you will find that he will stick his tongue out at you. Offer gentle praise when he starts playing along.


3. Empty and Full

Babies naturally love to empty things out, from cabinets to drawers  to purses. Create an Empty and Full game for him with the following supplies:

  • A large plastic bowl or container
  • Objects of various kinds that are safe and interesting for a baby, such as rattles, small plush toys, measuring cups, and blocks.

You can either dump out the toys with your child “helping” or let him pull out the items at his own pace. Then, when the container is empty, join your baby in putting everything back. He will learn about shape, weight, and size as he is handling the objects. Cheer him on when the container is empty or full. Lavish praise on your baby whenever he interacts and responds during playtime.


4. Peekaboo! With a Twist

Babies love the surprise of the classic game Peekaboo from the time they are tiny throughout the toddler years. Cover your face with your hands and then move your hands and say Peekaboo! Add an extra twist by ducking and then reappearing with either a funny face or a hat on. Another version of the game is to hide a toy under a blanket and ask “Where did it go?”


5. Tower Time

Repurpose cereal boxes and round oatmeal containers by using them as baby blocks. Help your baby build a tower with the boxes, plastic bowls, or baby blocks. When the tower is built, take turns knocking it down. Babies love watching things tumble and fall. This helps him learn about cause and effect.


Enjoy Playing Games with your Baby

One of the best parts about being a parent is finding a way to relax and have fun with your child. The responsibilities of raising a baby, after all, are about more than feeding him and changing diapers. It’s also about sharing the best things in life, such as laughter and fun. These five games are sure to accomplish that plus provide important interactions for developmental growth.

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