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5 Hilarious Baby Shirts When We Need A Laugh

Cute Baby Tees

5 Funny Baby Shirts When You Need A Laugh

Whether you’re a first-time parent, or on your fifth baby; parenting is hard. There’s long restless nights, teething, endless diaper changing, and the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. Do we feed the baby gluten free, dairy free, organic, and free-range formula? Do we spring for the non-bleached, American made, handmade sheets?

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture with all the stress of keeping a tiny human alive.

Some days you need a good laugh and what better place to get a laugh than from your very own bundle of joy.

Plop your little one in one of these adorably funny shirts and give yourself a little giggle in the midst of your grueling baby/toddler ruled life.

Here are a few of our favorites.

P.S. These are perfect for a sweet and funny baby shower gift!


5 Giggle-Worthy Baby Shirts

1.) The First Time Dad Is Left Alone

You Can Do This Dad Baby Tee

Everyone needs help sometimes. Maybe Dad needs a little more help than others when he’s on his own with the little one.

A great gift for a new father when he starts to panic and forgets which way to hold the baby.


2.) Remember: It Took Two To Get Here

It’s easy to forget the night this all began; maybe it was that extra glass of wine… but either way, you’re both here together. And maybe having a baby wasn’t even mommy’s idea at all…

Mommy wanted to relax, and now she’s going to be doing everything but!


3.)The Eternal Upside of Babies and Children

Tax Deduction Baby Shirt

After your third night without more than 20 minutes of sleep at a time; it gets hard to look at the bright side. That little bundle of scream and poop is worth a cool $1,000 from the federal government.

(That will keep your little one in diapers and wipes for at least a month!)


4.) Ahhh, The Miracle Of Birth

Tore Mommy A New One Tee

Ever wonder why they don’t go into so much detail in health class about the “miracle of birth”?

Now you know. All the ooey gooey mysteries of life have been solved after that first birth. Here’s a hilarious reminder of the day that changed your life forever.


    5.) When You’re Over the “Friendly Advice”

    Mom Doesnt Want Advice Tee

    Sometimes it feels like everyone has an opinion. You should do this or do that… blah blah blah!

    If you had a hand in creating the little one and bringing them into this world, then throw this shirt on them. Let everyone know where to put their friendly and helpful advice.


    Laugh Your Hard Baby Days into Perspective

    No one could’ve prepared you for this amount of joy or commitment to another person. Having a child really is like getting a tattoo… on your face.

    Enjoy the small moments of hilarity in all of the chaos. The next time you come home and Dad has him upside down on the couch because it’s the only way little one would fall asleep; take a moment and take a picture.

    Remember where you started, trust your gut, and enjoy the journey with your stylish and hilarious little one.

    What’s your favorite baby story?

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