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5 Most Awesome Things about Being a Parent

Is your sleep-deprived life currently dominated by the smell of crappy diapers, feeding a crying baby, or chasing an out-of-control toddler? If so, the thing you may need most right now is this news flash: Being a parent is the most awesome of things. Sometimes you have to shift your way of thinking, to start enjoying the now instead of just struggling to survive. Here are some parenting truths that might help you reset.

1-Like Filling the Pages of a Future Memoir

Your role is of greater importance than that of any wealth-growing CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Although built-in uniqueness is already in place, you have the entire life of a human being in your hands. The formative years, the first five, have inestimable impact on your child’s earthly existence. What will you do with that “power?” Research: How best to empower your child for an extraordinary life. Make it happen for them, to the best of your ability. Encourage your child’s sense of adventure. Plan to provide appropriate disciplines so he or she can soar into future independence. Rather than making your child into what you want him or her to be, nurture your child’s natural strengths and interests. This is a future adult here. Whether or not you know it, there is nothing on this earth more important than what you are doing right now.


There is literally no greater legacy than to train up children in the way they should go. Unfortunately, many people have diligently pursued selfish or purely materialistic legacies, only to realize on their death beds that in the vast scheme of things, it added up to less than a puff of smoke.


As a child grows from being an infant to a toddler to a preschooler, you get to witness their discovery of the world around them. A newborn infant has never known anything except the womb and whatever happens there, which may be more than we realize. You get to watch them continue to discover things like movement of their fingers and sounds as well as tastes, sights, and the joy of being secure in a loving parent’s arms. Children laugh hundreds of time every day, and that alone can provide daily inspiration.

4-A Better You

Everything required to be a good parent just naturally shapes you into a better human being. Parents have daily opportunities to be humbled. Just living in continuous sacrifice so that a little one can flourish means that you are an incredible person of worth and value. It’s a fact that selfish, self-focused individuals are the most disastrously miserable among us, whether it’s evident or not. As a parent of a healthy, happy child, you certainly aren’t one of those people.

5-Friend for Life

Friends are lights in a dark world, but they can be rare. When you are a successful parent, you will end up with a friend for life.

You Rock!

Think on these things as you go through the messy job of parenting. It’s all part of a great thing unfolding. It’s true you may love it more later on but love it you can and you certainly will.

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