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5 Reasons Pets are a Benefit for Children

Pets are wonderful for people who would otherwise be alone, but they are also perfect for families with small children. It’s always important to have a pet that fits with your lifestyle. Some pets wouldn’t be advisable in a home with children, for example. Dogs widely considered dangerous should not be chosen by parents, just as a safety measure. That being said, there are clear benefits to having animals around.

1-Unconditional Love

The best thing any child can grow up with is unconditional love. Dogs and other kinds of pets can add to the love in a child’s life. An only child or one who suffers from some type of emotional distress will have comfort, support, and continuous affection from a furry friend.

2-Learn Empathy

Empathy is a wonderful quality that is sadly lacking in people who grow up to be bullies. Children given responsibility for a pet learn to care for the animal’s hunger, need for water, and need to go outside. If the pet is afraid of storms or a vacuum cleaner, comfort is needed. When children provide for needs, including the need to be comforted, they naturally learn to have empathy and more of a caring attitude toward others.

3-Build Confidence

Children grow in confidence when they are assigned responsibilities that match their age level. Children as young as 3 years old can help take care of the family pet. The responsibilities can be greater as the children grow, which builds confidence and helps to grow character.

4-Help with Emotions

When children don’t feel there’s a safe place to share true emotions, negative behavior can be directed toward other kids. With a pet, a child has a confidant to talk to. Being able to verbalize to a pet and release anxieties, fears, and anger can help a child deal with emotions in a healthy way.

5-Better Health

Children with a pet have several significant benefits over children without pets, including the following:

  • Fewer health complaints and minor illnesses
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Fewer visits to the doctor
  • Fewer allergies

Any parent debating whether to have a pet, keep in mind that the kids can be taught to provide care. Sure, such duties often fall to the parents to a great extent. But if a parent is willing to follow through with getting children to participate in all that pet ownership involves, the benefits are worth the added work.

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