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6 Ways for Parents to Reduce Stress, Just in Time for Winter


As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, you may instinctively realize that the children will be cramped up in the house more than ever in winter. This can be just one more on the long list of things that could stress you out. Parenting is fraught with trials, but there are things we can do to ease anxieties to come. It may not be winter that fills you with trepidation, but whatever your struggle is, there is help. Check out the following six ways to reduce parental stress.


1-Reduce Stress with Sleep

Sleep is as essential to health as food and air, experts say. If you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep, you are more prone to experience stress. Certain things are happening while we sleep, such as tissue repair and growth, release of important hormones, restoration of energy, and relaxation of the muscles. It can be especially tough to get adequate sleep when you have a little one. As children grow, parents do the entire family a favor by establishing bedtime routines and ensuring that everyone gets plenty of sleep at night.


2-Anticipate & Prepare for Crises

Future you would encourage you to draw on the information you have and prepare in advance to offset routine disturbances. If your children always argue about sharing a certain toy, put it out of reach or buy a second one. If your child always decides he is dying of thirst while you’re busy running errands, make it a habit to bring a no-spill drink for him. Be proactive in addressing each of the things that stress you out on a regular basis.


3-Limit Exposure to Negativity

If the world or local news creates a constant barrage of negative energy, consider sticking with a daily check on the weather only. Raising kids is not an easy job, and the last thing you need is a head full of depressing thoughts. Also, avoid encounters with adults who drag you down because of their negativity, as much as is reasonably possible.


4-Seek Daily Uplift

Fill your world with mood lifters. When you wake up in the morning, perhaps you could play your favorite music, to help your day start off right. The following activities are proven stress-relievers that can boost your mood: Pet the family dog, think about happy memories, read uplifting material, enjoy your child’s smiles and laughter, hug your loved ones, and seek out enjoyable social interactions.


5-Avoid Time Pressures

It adds a lot of stress to you and your children, if you’re always fighting the clock. Make a new habit to get an earlier start, whenever you have someplace to be. Making the effort will help you and your family enjoy a more peaceful state of mind.


6-Be Flexible

If things don’t go as planned, approach the situation in a whole new, positive way. This can help prevent dwelling on frustration or disappointment and, instead, give you a mood boost. Remember the old adage that seems to be true, in a good way: Everything happens for a reason.

Stay positive and use these suggestions, to help avoid stress anytime it starts to overwhelm you. Parenting is such an important job, and it’s a shame if you don’t get all the enjoyment possible out of it. De-stressing definitely helps, perhaps especially when cooped up with rowdy kids in winter.


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