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7 Great Things About Being A Dad

As Father’s Day rolls around, a loving dad can’t help but think about how lucky he is. A great dad tends to be everybody’s favorite. Still, only other dads know how rewarding it is to be a father. Before you open up your handcrafted treasures and store-bought tie for Father’s Day, it’s the perfect time to rehearse just how good you really have it.

7 Best Things About Being a Dad


It often happens at that magic moment when you see the newborn baby that has your DNA. While you gaze at the miracle of new life, something inside shouts “Legacy!” Everything that preceded the birth sort of falls to the wayside. With fresh eyes and a bursting heart, you behold the first of your very own line of descendants. The boy becomes a man with a legacy to build, starting with changing one crap diaper after another.



When the women in our lives fail to understand our male-hood, it’s all better with the arrival of children. A father with an inkling to try finds that he will bond with his children from the start. Kids are a good fit with their dads. That’s why dad is the only one who can make the incessant crying of a baby stop with as little effort as farting in the wind.



Although living with a bitchy pregnant woman can be enough to scare the shit out of anyone, having children is an undeniable source of joy. Studies have found time and again that a man who builds a family and bonds with his kids has man’s most powerful anti-depressant. By comparison, men who live alone are 80% more likely to suffer from depression.


4-Better Sex!

Studies have revealed that when a dad is genuinely helpful with the kids, sex is better and more frequent than ever. Being more than a bump on a log takes stress off the mom! And apparently, it is a huge turn-on when women see the father of their offspring manning up to deal with the chaotic minutiae of life with kids.


5-Less Mental and Physical Flab

Fathers have a sense of purpose that provides better psychological well-being and greater inspiration to take care of themselves physically. Taking responsibility for others is something that undoubtedly agrees with a man, and it’s especially rewarding with wee ones in the mix. A man with children is even more willing to visit a doctor, which is a shocking departure from the male norm.


6-Great Job Satisfaction

What could be a better perk than being happier in all the places where a man spends his time? Research clearly shows that fathers experience greater job satisfaction and are less likely to throw in the towel than other men.


7-Less Anxiety

Living in a state of perpetual stress is very dangerous, to put it mildly. Most major illnesses today are directly linked to anxiety. Good news for dads is that they have a nice antidote to this modern-day killer. Experts agree that dads have a reduced chance of experiencing chest pain, dizziness, indigestion, insomnia, and fatigue, all of which are associated with anxiety.

Whether you are fishing, watching sports, or getting a pass from time with the in-laws this Father’s Day, enjoy it! Heck, even if you were dragged somewhere you really didn’t want to go, you are still one of the lucky ones, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

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