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7 Messy Norms for Parents

What a shock parenting can be, especially for parents who waited a long time, living neat, orderly lives. Becoming a parent changes the dynamics of everyday living in unimaginable ways. The most noticeable thing of all is messiness. Yes, baby spit-up, baby drool, and leaky bottle milk can all make it seem you’ll never wear a truly clean shirt again. But there’s a whole lot more than that to the chaos coming your way.

6 More Messy Truths about Parenting

Here, some messy truths will be shared, and they apply to the average parents. The families in these scenarios don’t have maids. Both parents probably have a job, at least part-time. Of course, single parents typically work, which means time at home between the child/children and the household is limited. The messy things about parenting are the following and much, much more:

  1. The laundry piles up continuously. There may even be baskets full of clean clothes that nobody has had the time to fold or put away.
  2. Clutter creates a constant battle in the home. With toddlers in the house, it’s virtually impossible to keep the floor picked up. If you’re not accidentally stepping on a sharp object, it’s a rolling object. Whatever unbreakable knickknacks you may still set out, they never stay put, below a certain height.
  3. Toys are a big part of the continuous clutter. They aren’t just inside the home. They’re in the front yard, on the driveway, in the garage, and the backyard. So many toys have multiple parts! And those parts aren’t connected to one another. They get strewn all over kingdom come. Parents who are obsessive about neatness can really struggle with the reality of clutter.
  4. Trash cans fill up a lot more quickly, when you have kids. Whether due to diapers, wrappers from the constant eating of snacks, or artwork that didn’t make the refrigerator art cut, it can be difficult to keep up with taking out the trash.
  5. Dusting is a lot less of a priority when you have little ones who are too young to help with meaningful chores. You can usually write your name in the dust on the furniture at some point during most weeks.
  6. And vehicles? Forget about keeping a pristine automobile. You have to cart supplies with you everywhere you go, and contents of your supply bags often flow onto the floor and collect there. Fast food wrappers are thrown aside by children on a routine basis. Babies kick off their shoes. When you open car doors, things may actually spill out onto the street. This is completely normal.

It’s a good thing babies are so adorable and steal our hearts before they can even see us from across the room clearly. New parents: Brace yourselves. It’s about to get messy.

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