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July is National Ice Cream Month: The Best Ice Cream Shops In The US!

Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? When you celebrate summer, ice cream is a must-have. Be sure to celebrate in style - here are the best ice cream shops in each state - be sure to take the kids for a sweet treat anywhere in the USA.

best ice cream shops in the usa

1. Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Rated the top ice cream shop in Gulf Shores, this ice cream store must be a stop on your list if you're in the area. They take ice cream to the next level with more options than most shops in the area.

2. Wild Scoops
If you've never had handcrafted Alaskan ice cream, now is your chance. Wild Scoops in Anchorage uses Alaskan ingredients for the finest product.

3. Sugar Bowl
This old school ice cream shop is perfect for anyone going through Scottsdale that wants old-fashioned fountain treats.

4. The Big Dipper
Make this your one-stop-shop for ice cream and frozen treats, snacks, and more. A delicious ice cream sundae can be had at this classic Eureka Springs location.

5. After's 
After's Ice Cream is famous for its sweet treats and creations. They are also known for their MilkyBuns, which are warm donuts stuffed with ice cream - think a fried oreo but with ice cream! Sweet tooths, rejoice.

6. Josh & John's 
Natural homemade ice cream in the mountains of Colorado? Don't mind if you do. Gluten-free options are also available for those with a sweet tooth.

7. Sweet Claude's 
They say, "Life without Sweet Claude's ice cream is no life at all," so be sure to try some if you're around Cheshire, Connecticut.  According to reviews, they are right because "nothing compares!"

8. Mommom's Ice Cream
With many ice cream hotspots in beach towns, Momom's Ice Cream in Dover takes the cake for the best shop in Delaware.

9. Brendy's Ice Cream
Shakes, cakes, and ice creams are just some of the ice creams at Florida's best ice cream shop.

10. Leopold's Ice Cream
This Savannah Tradition is perfect for those looking for a little history with their ice cream. They've been providing smiles and scoops for almost 100 years!

11. Coconut Glens
Organic vegan ice cream isn't a trend when it comes to Coconut Glens Ice Cream shop. Made with the coconuts of Hawaii, this is an ice cream shop that's worth a visit on the Hawaiian islands.

12. Reed's Dairy
Support your local dairy farm with milk, cheese, and ice cream from Reed! This farm provides healthy and homemade options for the whole family.

13. Ivanhoe's
Ivanhoe's can give you tons of combinations for sundaes and ice cream. They also offer lunch and dinner - make this your stop for a bite and a sweet treat in Indiana.

14. Sylas & Maddy's
Kansas City is home to Sylas and Maddy's a staple when it comes to ice cream. Fresh ice cream and waffle cones are just two of the many options that you can choose from to enjoy.

15. Creole Creamery
Find your flavor at Creole Creamery, with a couple of locations in Louisiana. Not only do they offer a lot of flavors of ice cream but they offer sherbet flavors, too for those with fruity and savory taste buds.

16. Broom's Bloom
This dairy farm offers meats, cheeses, and homemade lunches. Their standout? Their homemade ice cream, of course!

17. Mommer's
Get farm-fresh ice cream from Michigan at Moomers Dairy farm. Take a tour and see how their ice cream is made, then try it for yourself.

18. Big Dipper Ice Cream
Missoula Montana is here to give you the best ice cream in the state (they also have locations in Billings and Helena.)  You must try their signature Big or Little Dipper sundae.

19. Steve's Homemade Ice Cream
Made right on-premises, Steve's Ice Cream is perfect for those who want a little New York flavor in Nevada. Cool off in the desert with this original ice cream shop.

20. Cookman Creamery
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Trendy town Asbury Park offers vegan options and tons of flavors at this ice cream shop. Don't forget to take home a fresh-baked treat.

21. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
New York, New York
Shop this ice cream shop with many different locations around manhattan. Their treats are delicious and Instagram-worthy. Take home a pint to commemorate your experiences.

22. Wild Cow Coffee & Cream
North Dakota
This North Dakota ice cream shop offers the best soft-serve ice cream and coffee for all to enjoy. 

23. Roxy's Ice Cream Social
With locations all over Oklahoma, Okies know that Roxy's Ice Cream Social is the place to go in the sooner state. The standout here is their different flavors of cookie sandwiches, a contemporary take on a classic sweet treat.

24. Half Pint Creamery
There are three locations in PA, so that means this creamery is extremely notable. Hand-crafted cakes, ice cream, and sundaes are made with the best and freshest ingredients for visitors!

25. Lovin' Spoons
South Carolina
Lovin' Spoons technically is home to frozen yogurt, but it still makes the list. This popular spot lets you run wild when it comes to flavors and toppings.

26. Jeni's Splendid
In the heart of Nashville, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream shines. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients and have even branched out to different stores around the country.

27. Farr's Fresh
There is nothing better than this Salt Lake City shop. Try fresh serve ice cream, custard, and low-fat frozen yogurt that is made with love and care.

28. Kline's Dairy Bar
Since 1943, Kline's Dairy Bar has made their ice cream the same way. By keeping their practices this way, they have created a cult following. Try your favorite flavor or a new one - you won't be disappointed.

29. Petrucci Market
West Virginia
Petrucci's Country Market is the perfect mix of convenience, fresh grocery, and more. However, their standout is their homemade ice cream, which is worth a stop when you've done your shopping.

30. Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream
Historic downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming is here to showcase this ice cream shop. From natural and organic ice cream to fresh fruit sorbet, you will find something for everyone here. 


No matter where you are, you'll be able to find ice cream, soft serve, and waffle cones to celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July!

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