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Life Hacks For Parents Of Newborns And Growing Infants

The Parenting Problem

Parenting is a challenge for everyone except maybe Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins, who both happen to be fictional. Every life hack a parent uses could help a frantic day calm down to something less unnerving.

We are really lucky to live in the age of the Internet. Just taking the time to Google “parent life hacks” turns up a wealth of genius information.

The following are great tips to make parenting easier.


Life Hacks for Parents of Newborns / Infants

Sometimes a life hack is as simple as paying attention to packaging. Most diapers today include a color line that is one color, such as yellow, when the baby is all clean and a different color if the diaper is soiled. This is so much better than peeking inside. Here are some good life hacks for parents with infants:

1.) Handily store bibs by attaching a command hook on the back of the high chair.

2.) Even with bibs, tiny eaters make monumental messes. Keep your favorite baby onesies clean and free of unsightly food stains with a mix of one part Dawn, two parts peroxide, and one part baking soda. Mix it up until it bubbles and apply the paste onto the stains. Scrub with a scrub brush and let it soak in for an hour.

3.) Let your baby go outside while you enjoy outdoor activities. Simply haul the portable crib outside and cover it with a fitted toddler sheet, to keep pests out and provide shade.

4.) If you hate getting clingy diaper cream on your fingers, use a makeup brush as an applicator. As an alternative, you can order a “diaper cream smoother.” It seems there’s a product for everything baby-related these days.

5.) Stretch out baby nap times by putting black-out curtains in the nursery or wherever the baby sleeps.

6.) Environmentally conscious? Use less water for baby baths with a cool product called a BabyDam.

7.) Put an inflatable pool in your den when your crawling baby first starts walking.

8.) Trim your baby’s nails while he’s sleeping, if you dare to risk waking him!

9.) Make it easy to deal with soiled crib sheets. Keep layers of puppy pads under the sheet. Simply peel off the sheet, throw away soiled pads, add fresh pads, and pop on a clean sheet.

10.) Vacuum-pack your vacation diaper supply for easier packing for flights or a crowded car.

11.) To relieve gas in your baby, gently push his knees toward his chest.

12.) An alternative to the diaper pail is to fill an empty baby wipes box with individual grocery bags and wrap stinky diapers one bag at a time.


Newborn Tips and Tricks

Enjoying your baby, in spite of sleeplessness and other challenges, can be a lot easier when you have a lot of life hacks up your sleeve. Hack away so that you don’t miss out on precious moments that are incredibly fleeting.

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