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Tips on Dressing Little Ones for Winter

Once you become a parent, there are new challenges in every phase of your child’s life. The changing seasons can also mean new complications, especially in winter. When the weather outside is icy cold, you’ll be bundling yourself and your child up before venturing outdoors. Depending on how cooperative your child is with the process, this could become a major ordeal. At the very least, it can be daunting to determine just how much to put on your child before strapping them in the car seat. After all, your vehicle will usually warm up to the extent that fuzzy caps and bulky coats can be way too much. No need to stress! The following tips can help.

Dressing for the Car

Research shows that your baby’s risk of injury in a crash can be increased if he or she is wearing a bulky coat or bunting. The reason is because the clothing items compress when an impact occurs. All that is necessary, according to pediatric experts, is to dress your infant in a cozy long-sleeved onesie or a one-piece footie pajama. Then you can tuck one or more blankets around the baby for the car ride. As the car gets warmer, remove layers of blankets.

Toddler in the Snow

There’s no need to keep your toddler from the fun of playing in snow. It’s the best part of winter! Dressing for snow is first about staying dry and then dressing for warmth. The best way to dress your toddler in the snow is in a waterproof snowsuit complete with attached feet. Waterproof boots and pants and a snow jacket work well, too. A warm hat covered with a waterproof hoodie and waterproof mittens complete the preparation for snow play. As long as your little one is staying dry and comfortable, there’s not necessarily a time limit for being outside on a snowy day.

A Brisk Walk

The fresh outdoor air is healthy for babies, even in winter. If you’re pushing your baby in a stroller on a winter walk, remember that babies lose heat more quickly than adults. Unlike when playing in snow, riding in a stroller doesn’t help to generate any body heat. A snug hat, warm boots, long-sleeved onesie, winter jacket, bunting, and mittens are all  appropriate outdoor winter wear for infants and toddlers.

A final note is to watch for shivering, a very pale appearance, and blue lips, as signs your child is becoming too cold. It’s tricky to handle winter with a baby because you don’t want your little one to be too cold or  too hot in winter clothes. Layers of cool cotton can be the number one secret for keeping your little one comfy in winter.

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