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Why Kids See their Parents as Superheroes

Good parents are adored by their children, and sometimes they are seen as absolute superheroes. Have you always wanted to achieve superhero status? The following are some of the reasons your children can grow up convinced that you have an awesome alter ego.


How to be Your Child’s Superhero

Give Time

If you find even just a few minutes every day to focus solely on your child, the impact will last a lifetime. Build a routine that includes those special daily moments. Don’t waste them! Give some thought into what you should download into your child in your time together, and perhaps do some research. Encourage him, read to him, listen to him, hug him, and tell him you love him. That may really be all that’s needed.


Do Superhero Work

Some parents achieve superhero status by virtue of their profession. If you are a police officer, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, or member of the military, your child will grow to look up to you as a hero. Just be sure that you spend quality time with your child, so that the job doesn’t become the thing that comes between you instead of the thing that makes you a champion.


Provide Direction

Children need direction, discipline, and boundaries, to safely grow into their best selves. If you discipline with love and help your child understand the reason for boundaries, he will respect you and recognize that you love him and that you are his protector.


Assign Chores

This may seem ridiculous, but if you give your child age-appropriate chores starting at a very young age, your child will grow confidence much more quickly. As a result of helping him understand the value of a job well done and the feeling of being useful, you’ll be worthy of a cape.


Dads—Do Dad Things

Every family is different, but in general, Dads who are just being themselves often have the special role of being mischievous and downright silly with their children. Moms make sure of thinks like wearing matching socks and keeping faces clean. Dads just dive into all kinds of strange adventures even when the kids have mismatched clothing and messy faces. It all begins when Dad throws the giggling baby into the air anytime mom’s not looking, if she’s the squeamish type.


Moms—Do Mom Things

What loving mother playing the traditional motherly role isn’t a superhero? Between cooking, kissing boo-boos, keeping clean clothes in the drawers, clean sheets on the bed, and lunch in the lunch boxes, helping with homework, and countless other things every day, she truly deserves super special recognition.


Be There

The busiest, hardworking parents who find a way to make it to a child’s every special event—such as ballgames, dance recitals, and swim meets—are amazing people whose love and devotion gives them special powers.


Even if they Don’t Tell You, You’re a Superhero

The truth is, sometimes children grow up not even realizing just how good they have it. But as a result of being raised right, it won’t take long, as they grow up, to look up to their parents as the extraordinary individuals they are. Make no mistake. If you are raising your child with loving discipline and wisdom, you are one of the world’s great superheroes, raising up future leaders.






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