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4 Shirts For Dog Day Babies

4 Shirts For Dog Day Babies


Shirts For Your Summer Baby

The hottest part of summer is nearly upon us, and it can be hard to dress the little ones in comfortable and cute clothes that will keep them cool.

The perfect solution is a diaper and short sleeve shirt. The shirt will keep their little shoulders protected from the harshest rays of sun, but just the nappy on the bottom will help to keep them cool.

Here are four adorable options for the hottest summer days.


1.) For your July and August Arrivals

For those little ones whose birthdays fall in July and August; the party has literally arrived! Those whose birthdays fall into these months are Cancers and Leos. These signs tend to be social and bold.

Take advantage of the little one’s personality and enjoy the summer with tons of friends and family around.


2.) For Your Fit Baby 

Summertime for some means baring it all. For your athletic little one there’s the perfect little tee with our favorite summer saying “sun’s out guns out”. Even if little one is looking a little chubby and cute; this shirt is perfect.

We love ironic sayings on the little ones, and this is sure to get a laugh wherever you go. Don’t forget the sunscreen and maybe a little hat too!


3.) Beach Bum Baby

How cute is it to see a little one hanging out on the beach in their little swimmy trunks or diaper? This shirt is a great way to help your little one take a break from the sun, and a cute reminder of your sun and sunscreen soaked day.

Your first instinct may be to take the little one to the beach, but the beach with a baby or toddler can be exhausting and even dangerous for baby. Try to stick to cooler areas like malls or indoor/outdoor dining on the hottest days of the year with little ones.


4.) The Chill One

This little tee is Fresh Prince inspired! What is more adorable than your little prince or princess chilling out in this hilarious throw-back shirt?

This shirt is perfect for those who still long for the glorious summer afternoons of the 90s; eating go-gurts, drinking Gatorade, and riding your bikes around the neighborhood until the street lights came on.


Perfect Shirts For Your Dog Day Baby

There are so many reasons for you to love these hot days of summer.

There’s nothing like special days in the summer making memories with your little one, and maybe even reliving some of your favorite nostalgia.

Just make sure to keep baby cool and comfortable while making your way through these warm months! Sunscreen, water, and plenty of cool breaks will make this summer your healthiest and happiest yet.

What’s your favorite childhood summer memory?