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10 Reasons Dads are Awesome Plus 3 Tips for Dad

Daddies are irreplaceable treasures in a child’s life. Moms and dads both are uniquely priceless, but in the spirit of Father’s Day month, let’s celebrate some of the many wonderful qualities of dads. Being Dad isn’t always easy, so some tips for enjoying and totally rocking the role are also below.


10 Things to Love About Dads

Daddies aren’t a bunch of clones of one another, of course. There are certain universal dad qualities but others may apply to some and not others. You’ll know as you look at 10 great things about dads below whether your dad quite fits each description.

  1. Dads love to inject humor into almost every situation, no matter how mundane or extraordinary. They keep us laughing!
  2. Dads are good for all kinds of adventures, such as camping out in the backyard and going fishing. Little ones can dive off of Dad’s shoulders in swimming pools, and Dads let their teenage kids practice driving.
  3. Dads take the time to provide hands-on education, such as cooking with their kids, teaching them how to pump air into a bicycle tire, and teaching coordination skills by playing catch.
  4. Dads understand the importance of foods that make an event fun. They are great at making snacks and know, for example, that popcorn with movie-watching is a must.
  5. Dads work hard, which often means they are gone a lot. But when they are off work, they play just as hard and get their greatest joy spending time with the family.
  6. Dads are men of few words, which makes them the best listeners.
  7. Dads know how to fix just about everything!
  8. Dads are strongly in touch with their inner child, and that’s why they add a high level of awesomeness to everything.
  9. Dads value the individual traits in their kids, even if they don’t know a thing about the child’s interests, such as ballet, playing an instrument, playing soccer, or having intricately planned tea parties with dolls and stuffed animals.
  10. No matter what, Dads love you and always will.


3 Ultimate Tips for Dads

Dads are a step above mere fathers because dads greatly value each of their children and give them the best of himself. Because it’s important to give his treasured family what, in his eyes, they deserve, dads can be under a lot of pressure. The following are a few tips for caring, loving daddies.


1- Relax! You’re the Best!

Sometimes dads worry about being a truly great dad, but it’s not that hard. The important things besides providing financial stability and a loving home for the family are to love mom and spend quality time with his beloved kids.


2-Give Mom a Break!

The old adage that “when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is a true one! Mothers are wired differently than men and can wear themselves out with all the detailed minutiae they handle continuously, whether on the job or at home. The best dads recognize that it’s a small miracle mothers don’t get total burnout! So, they provide plenty of opportunities for Mom to take a break. This could mean taking care of the baby while Mom takes a long, hot bubble bath or while she simply sleeps through the night.


3-Balance Discipline of the Kids with Kindness

Some dads take their role as disciplinarians in the home a tad too seriously. It’s more effective to be loving and kind while expecting the best from your kids. The words, “I love you” are meaningless to children when they come from someone who is always stern.


Thanks, Dad!

The presence of a loving dad in the home is the single greatest factor in a child’s ultimate success in life. Fatherlessness is a key factor in the lives of 71% of high school dropouts, 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders, and 85% of juveniles in prison. Many other statistics uphold the claim that a good father may be the number one factor contributing to a child’s happiness throughout life. So, dads everywhere, thank you!

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