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7 Water Activities for Toddlers in Summer

Rarely can every day be a beach day in summer, but there are many ways you can give your toddler opportunities for fun water play at home. There’s nothing more refreshing on hot days than splashing water around. Keep in mind that children must always be supervised around water. Even an inch of liquid in a container or puddle on the ground can be enough for a little one to drown. Always put safety first, and you can give your toddler a big time with water throughout the summer.


1-Small SeaWorld

Put a few inches of water in a large bin of water. Add items that create an underwater world. Rocks, boats, and small toy sharks and other sea creatures could keep your child happily occupied for hours.


2-Free Play

You can simply use things you already have at home to allow your toddler an adventure in free water play. Your setup could even be indoors, if you place the play area on a tarp and have towels all around, to absorb spills. Pull out pots, pans, plastic cups, and other containers as well as an extra-large medicine dispenser for the fun of squirting water.


3-Ice Excavation

Please various toys in a large bowl and freeze the entire contents. Put the frozen block outside, and give your toddler some water and a medicine dispenser to slowly melt the ice and get to the toys frozen inside. It’s best if you have some play tools useful for excavating toys out of the ice. This could be a teaching opportunity in which your child learns about how water and heat can melt ice.


4-Water the Garden

Little ones typically love to be helpful almost as much as they love water play. Your toddler could learn about gardening and how important it is for plants to get needed water. Give your child their own watering can and a big tub of water and let them water the thirsty plants to their heart’s content.


5-Paint the Fence

Give your toddler a large paintbrush and a bucket of water and have them paint a fence, the driveway, or a wall with the paintbrush dipped in water. The water disappears almost instantly in the heat. Your child will learn a skill without making a mess.


6-Baby’s Bath

Give your child a large supply of water in a kiddie pool. Other supplies include soap, a plastic doll, a wash sponge or rag, and a play bath for a toy doll or a real infant tub. Let your little one bath their baby doll. If you use soap bottles with a dispenser, your toddler will strengthen fine motor controls.


7-Create a Water Slide

For some great slippery fun, you can use a camping tarp, water hose, and a bottle of gentle shampoo in an area of your yard. Add soap and water to the tarp and let your toddler slip and slide. On a hot summer day, this could be the perfect way for your toddler to exert lots of energy. Just be sure to apply sunscreen regularly, even if the homemade water slide is under the shade of trees.


Have a Fun Summer!

Summer arrives on June 21, and isn’t it great to know you can give your child summer thrills at practically no cost? Save up for the big beach vacation and keep your toddler happily entertained. Have a great summer!

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