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13 Rainy Day Activities For The Little Ones

The rain can really put a damper on your plans - especially in the summer! Kids can easily get bored, wrapped up in watching TV or playing the day away with video games. Check out these rainy day activities for kids to keep them occupied all day long.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

1. Baking, Baking, Baking
Kids love sweets and they love making a mess - so why not have some fun in the kitchen? Choose from basic brownies and cupcakes or kick it up a notch and go creative with fun crafty ideas such as Cheesecake Pops or Mini Pies. By letting them handle the decorating and you the hot oven, you can create something amazing together.

2. Make Slime
Even when they're not in school, you can still give them an education. It's science time when you make slime with your kids. Just like baking, it's an excuse to make a mess in style! Plus, even after it's made, the little ones will be able to entertain themselves for hours afterward with their new creations.

3. Have A Fashion Show
You don't have to get their headshots for them to be models. This fun activity costs nothing but what's in your closet. Let your children rumple through mom and dad's wardrobes as they make their very own looks for the runway. Bonus: let them do their own makeup, take photos, and post in on social media for laughs!

4. Teach Them Classic Card Games
Remember spit, rummy, and BS? Your favorite card game from camp comes back for this rainy day activity. Look up tons of card games you can teach your kids to bring back this timeless activity. You can find a variety of games here!

5. Watch A Movie
Make it a movie day where you can all watch flicks together. Make some popcorn, change into pajamas or sweats, and cuddle up on a couch. Looking for a great rainy day movie for the family? From classics like The Princess Bride to latest hits like Coco or oldies like Night At The Museum, you can veg out for hours with movies for everyone on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

6. Indoor Camp Out
Finally, a use for all of your sheets at once! Dim the lights, grab the flashlights and gather your little ones for a fun indoor campout. Tell scary ghost stories, read books by flashlight, make microwave smores, and watch movies. Let them bring sleeping bags into the living room for the ultimate camping feel!

7. Indoor Treasure Hunt
Feeling creative? Use every room in your house and keep them busy with an indoor treasure hunt. Create riddles and hide them all over the house - don't break and tell them the answers. Pick out prizes for the winners and watch them use their brains on this rainy day. 

8. Form A Band... With Homemade Instruments
Grab your kids and get ready to rock and roll. If they've got a musical bone in their body, they'll love to create an instrument from household objects. With everything from a xylophone to a tambourine, there are tons of crafts you can make that will end in harmony when you all come together.

9. Board Games
You'll find nowadays they're glued to iPads, video games, and cell phones. Why would they ever play a game on board when they can play it in front of a TV? Show them how you used to pass time in the good ol' days with a board game or two. Make it a tournament and have the winner of all the games get a prize! Check out a list of board games here so you can start buying them (if you didn't keep your collection from years past.)

10. Cupcake Decorating
Bake the cupcakes with your little ones for prolonged time indoors this rainy day or prep them all on your own. When it's time to decorate, it's the little one's turn to shine. Get candy, sprinkles, frosting, and more additions to make everyone's cupcakes as yummy as can be!

11. Arts And Crafts
If you've got tons of old art supplies, you're already prepared for this one. This activity requires the imaginations and creativity of your kids. Create tons of art from puppets to watercolor painting, your little artists will create masterpieces until the sun comes back.

12. Indoor Obstacle Course
You didn't think adventure would be found in your humble abode, did you? Next time the rain bores them, turn off the TV and turn on the fun. Use chairs, hula hoops, and more quirky items to get them moving. Just because they're indoors doesn't mean they can't get a little rowdy!

13. Jigsaw Puzzle
If you're looking to flex their brain, this is sure to do the trick. Depending on their age, you can choose from smaller puzzle pieces in larger quantities to larger pieces in smaller quantities. Sit back and watch their brains work! You'll be surprised at what they can do.

Did we miss your go-to rainy day activity for children? Comment below with your favorite!

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