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Tips to Celebrate the 4th of July with your Baby or Toddler


Getting outdoors for 4th of July celebrations can be a challenge for parents of babies and small children. Between uncomfortably hot weather, potential hazards of grilling, being outdoors after dark, and the noise of fireworks, planning is needed for the entire family to enjoy festivities surrounding the birth of America. The following tips can help.


Go to a 4th of July Parade

Parades are long-time favorite July 4th traditions. If you have the right supplies, parades can be very kid friendly. The activities and excitement typically keep children occupied, and babies can be made comfortable on the sidelines.

Sunscreen is a must. Dress all of the little ones in light-colored, loose clothing, to prevent overheating. Bring the bug repellant of choice, to keep mosquitos away. And, if possible, be strategic on the parade route and try to situate your family no more than a block away from portable toilets. It’s important to go early if you want a good place along the parade route. A large sun umbrella may be the perfect added touch, along with hand-held fans. Leave the parade early, to avoid being in a large crowd as you head back to your vehicle and to beat the worst of the traffic.


Make Awesome Memories

Take some time to make unforgettable memories for your little ones. Here are some suggestions for outside play with your children:

  • Split up into two teams armed with water guns. The team that’s the driest at the end of the designated squirting time wins.
  • In lieu of a swimming pool, create creative water play, such as water tables, which can be great fun for toddlers. There are countless versions you could choose to make, such as placing balls and items for pouring into water-filled bins. There are also numerous styles of ready-made water tables that you could buy. If you bring out a new water table just in time for 4th of July, it will boost the fun.
  • Bring out the bubbles! Whether or not you have a bubble machine, little ones pretty much always love to play with bubbles.


Fireworks Precautions

If you love fireworks, you don’t need to sacrifice your fun, even if you have a baby. Invest in infant headphones that protect babies from loud sounds. Of course, keep the little ones away from danger. Fireworks can be frightening for small children, but it depends on the individual child. A good clue is if a child is sensitive to other noises. Follow fireworks safety rules:

  • Because fireworks can backfire or launch in an unintended direction, always keep a good distance away from other people.
  • Never shoot fireworks toward homes, and keep them away from leaves and brush, as well.
  • If a firework is defective, do not try relighting it.
  • Before throwing fireworks into a trashcan, soak them in water.


How Will You Celebrate July 4th?

There are so many other ways to enjoy July 4th festivities, and most can be adapted for babies and toddlers. Go on a picnic, have a backyard grill, and meet up with friends at a designated spot when attending a crowded event. You can even visit a park with your kids and add some fun new twists, such as playing tag or hopscotch. Of course, dress your little one in a patriotic onesie or red, white, and blue toddler tee. Don’t let parenting get in the way of holiday fun. Happy 4th of July!



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