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Dress Your Child the Way you Want Now, Before it’s Too Late

Are you a new parent with firmly rooted, specific dreams for your child, including sports they will excel in and movie franchises they will geek out over? If so, you are headed straight for The Twilight Zone, my friend. You must swerve to survive the potential horrors of disappointment ahead for you. I have the secret to help you dodge that bullet. Simply embrace every moment with your little babies and use that time to dress them how you want them to dress. Talk to them about your passions, like the Star Wars saga and hunting. The window for playing dress-up could, optimistically, last as long as 4.5 years, and those times are far more precious than you could possibly imagine. It’s fantasy time and your only season of true power.


Buy Sports Onesies

Your passion for sports may not carry over to your son or daughter one iota. For a sports fanatic to spawn a pale book reader is as natural as Tom Brady throwing a winning catch. While your child is fresh from the womb, start dressing him like you dream he will dress all of his life. There are many sports onesies and toddler tees to choose from. For example, you can get a football onesie, a hockey onesie, and even a weightlifting onesie at


Buy Hunting Onesies

Does your entire year revolve around hunting season? Don’t wait to see if your child understands the value of hunting for your food. Dress the little one in hunting baby onesies now, while you have a chance. This “Hunter in Training” hunter onesie for girls and “I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie” hunting onesie are perfect choices.


Buy Star Wars Onesies and Toddler Tees

Psychologists say it’s not good for children, if we try to force them into molds of our own making. While you have the opportunity, create at least the illusion that your child shares your passion for Star Wars and all related movies, paraphernalia, and posable figures, dress them as such. This “Daddy’s Princess” onesie is ideal for your daughter. Dress your son in this “Together We Can Rule” Star Wars onesie. And for your toddler of either gender, a “Wookie Hair Don’t Care” Star Wars toddler t-shirt is the sith.


Buy Christian Toddler Tees

You may be an avid follower of Jesus, but it’s not advisable to literally cram your heartfelt beliefs down your child’s throat. Subtlety and striving to live like Jesus are most effective, though all strategies should be accompanied by regular church attendance. There are many toddler’s t-shirts you can dress your precious one in while he or she is too young to argue about your choice of t-shirt bulletin. Good options are a “Mommy’s Answered Prayer” Christian toddler tee, a “Jesus Loves You” Christian toddler t-shirt, and this “Stroll with Jesus” inspirational toddler tee.

When children get older, there’s no telling what their likes and dislikes will be, in spite of herculean efforts by well-meaning parents. Enjoy the simple pleasure of dressing your tiny, helpless one in the exact type of thing you truly want him or her to wear throughout life put are powerless to enforce, short of causing deep psychological scars.



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