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How To Promote a Sense of Humor In Your Child

A lot of parents dress their babies up in funny onesies, even some that are actually more appropriate for adults only. But that’s not only okay, it’s more than okay!

Anything we can do to keep smiling through the challenges of parenthood is worth a look. Keeping a sense of humor does one very important thing, after all. It helps us foster that same healthy quality in our children.

If you want to be sure you’re encouraging an environment of humor in your household, the following tips could help.

Tips for Developing a Sense of Humor in Kids

It can be intimidating to think of raising children in a way that ensures they enjoy a healthy sense of humor throughout their lifetimes. Since life is filled with pressure, one of the most valuable gifts a parent can give is the ability to keep smiling. Humor is one of the qualities most closely associated with success. By encouraging the quality, you are finding one more way to ensure a bright future for your children.

1.) Be Playful

Start being playful with your child at the infant stage. Making funny facial expressions can send a baby into fits of laughter. Use strange body language or gestures and engage in verbal play. Encourage your children to pretend during playtime and to explore their curiosity.

2.) Keep A Fun House

Maintain an atmosphere in the home that welcomes humor. The warmth and supportiveness will give children the confidence to overcome the fear of being ridiculed and risk being silly.

3.) Share Funny Stories

During family mealtimes and at any time, share funny stories. Exaggerate events in a way that your child knows they aren’t really true. The fact that they comprehend your humor helps them grow confidence for social situations.

4.) Pull My Finger

Your philosophy may be one of formality and encouraging your child in a certain direction in life that may be strict. Allow at least a little leeway, however, for the common themes that make children laugh, including poo and fart humor.

5.) Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem in every way possible. It’s difficult for children with low self-esteem to reach their full potential.

6.) Relax A Little

Be relaxed enough to laugh with children, even if their behavior at the moment is not fully compliant with expected behaviors. Children need the freedom to be kids and laugh. It doesn’t mean they can’t learn all of the finer points of life. Relaxing your approach to parenting, as appropriate, will also mean you are helping to equip your child for success. So, though it may seem an abstract concept, laugh with your kids next time, for example, someone’s loud burp slips out during dinner.

Raising A Funny Child

Take a deep breath, buy a joke book, and enjoy laughing with your children. You’ll all be better off for it.

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