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Parents Choosing Wonder over Weariness

While mall shopping recently, I saw a heck of a lot of products that seemed specifically designed for women who refuse to give up the joys of childhood to the little children. A celebration of cats and unicorns were packaged in adult women’s sizes. It seems that there may be a wonderful rebellion going on against surrendering to a boring version of adulthood. Being a parent is one of the things that slam us into the brick wall to childlike freedom called adulthood. The sounds, smells, and sleep deprivations of having a baby turn us into survivalists, just trying to make it through another day. Meanwhile, the little ones are living out the best years of their lives. Wouldn’t it be great to hang onto some of the wonder of childhood for ourselves somehow? Well, it can be done, for anyone who slows down enough to be intentional about it.

Choosing wonder over weariness

There are only so many minutes in a day. When taking care of the responsibilities of being a parent, it can seem impossible to find time for frivolous things. But is it really frivolous to hang onto a sense of childlike wonder? The following are some ideas for taking our noses off of the proverbial grindstones and taking time to enjoy life afresh, like a child:

  • Get outside in nature and do things that used to always make you happy. It may be hiking in the woods, riding a motorcycle, stargazing, building sandcastles, or wading through cool springs. Maybe you need to build a fire at night, roast marshmallows, and watch fireflies.
  • Smile every day and look for the humor in life so you can get plenty of daily laughter. In the middle of a “catastrophe” with a baby or a troublesome toddler, think of it as a great story to tell your child in the future. Depending on the situation, it could even be something you could use to make them feel really guilty someday.
  • Give some thought to the things that brought you and your spouse and other best friends a lot of childlike joy back in the day. Surprise them with an occasion all about refreshing those great memories and making new ones.
  • At least once every month, leave the kids with sitters and do something that makes you happy. The only rule is that the activity must be very un-grown-up.

Kids really have it made, with their freedom to have fun combined with lack of heavy responsibility. Getting back that sense of fun and freedom is a great way to rock adulthood. If we do it right, we’ll even turn out to be better parents.

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