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Reasons Babies Cry Inconsolably

The amazing experience of being a parent can quickly be dampened by the necessity of living with constant crying. Some parents are blessed with little angels who barely make a peep but most, it seems, aren’t so lucky. A crying baby can wear parents down, and that’s the reality of it. It helps to know what's going on. The following are some of the reasons babies make so much noise.


Gassy or Colicky

Babies often get a perplexing condition known as colic. This means tummy trouble for the baby leading to hours of inconsolable crying resulting in parental distress. The easiest way to identify that your baby may be colicky is that the crying starts after each meal.

Gassiness can also cause stomach discomfort. Babies don’t have the ability to push, as they do when they get a little older. When the farts take their time in coming, a baby can suffer during the delay.


An Uncomfortable Air Bubble

Babies are burped on a regular basis so that they don’t experience a painful air bubble. Also, burping a baby means he or she doesn’t scream and cry from the pain of needing to burp. Some babies are easier to burp than others. Parents should try all the different ways to hold the baby during burping until one works, and all of them typically involve patting or firmly rubbing the baby on the back.


A Nasty Diaper

Disposable diapers are typically made to pull the moisture away from a baby, but no diaper can remove direct contact with poop. A poopy diaper can be uncomfortable, especially if the baby already has diaper rash. Here, the solution to crying is even more unpleasant than the crying itself, but it is an unavoidable necessity.


Fighting Sleep

For some reason, there are babies who don’t recognize how awesome sleeping is. Naps are totally the bomb, but babies often scream like they are entering into Freddy Krueger territory every time they shut their eyes. When nothing else seems to be wrong with a baby, there is an excellent chance the noise is all about fighting sleep. These are the babies who seemingly don’t want to miss out on anything—unless they really are having scary nightmares.

Wants to Snuggle

It’s important for babies to have lots of human contact. Many infants really take to being held, and they decide they want to be in mommy’s or daddy’s arms all the time. There’s a balance that can be achieved, as far as how often a baby is held. Parents do themselves a big favor when they don’t give in to the demand for constant holding, which is widely recognized as “spoiling the child.”

Another aspect of crying that complicates parenting is that the crying can and often does happen around the clock. In all these circumstances, the best thing parents can do is keep their sense of humor. A “Force that Awakens You” onesie will help keep you smiling. Another funny onesie is this “I’m Not Crying I’m Ordering Dinner,” option. If you want to bring a smile to the faces of people in public, when the baby can’t be consoled, dress your infant in an “I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me” onesie. Keep in mind that the crying phase will pass, usually in 1 to 5 years at the most.

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