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Start 2018 Right by Fixing the Baby’s Sleep Schedule

You know those peaceful times when the baby is asleep at night? Finally, you have time for sleep, for yourself, and maybe for your spouse, too. If this is rare in your household, the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you may be related to sleep cycles. It’s totally possible to reset an infant’s sleep cycle. Take charge of 2018 by making everyone’s sleep habits better, and you can count on enjoying a better quality of life. After all, sleep is as essential as stuff like air, food, and water.

Infant Night-Day Confusion

Newborn babies are oblivious to the concept of night and day. Parents who get a night sleeper are blessed beyond belief. Literally, as a parent of three, I wouldn’t even believe those people except for the fact that they don’t have that haggard look I sported for at least a full six months to a year per child. Getting a good night sleep is the difference between being a functional adult and being more like an old car hitting only a few cylinders. People have managed to turn their babies around so that they sleep at night instead of all day. Here are some tips, which obviously I was never privy to when I needed them:

  • Keep the lights on and the curtains open when you’re feeding your infant during the day. This helps a baby to begin to recognize the concept of daytime. At naptime, close the curtains and dim the lights.
  • When feeding your child or changing diapers at night, keep the room dark. Do not turn on lamps or overhead lights. The soft glow of a cell phone is the most light you should go by.
  • During the day, feed the baby without swaddling. At night, keep him or her all swaddled up.
  • Establish rituals so that playing is a daytime activity. Do your best to avoid making your baby overly full during the daytime, which can prompt a nap. Keep the sunlight streaming in and lights on during the day and also sing and talk to your baby.
  • Be sure to give your baby a fresh diaper at night before tucking him in.
  • Provide stimulation only during the day and never at night. At night, lights are out and voices are low.

These are some very practical ideas, and I hope they work for you. You’ll be able to enjoy your baby more than ever, when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

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