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What’s Up with Babies is Pretty Interesting

As a busy parent dealing with all the challenges of raising a baby, did you ever wonder what babies have on their minds? Just born into the world, everything is brand new, of course. But how do they process all the new information? Some scientists have come up with some answers to what is going on with newborns and growing infants. Chances are you’ll be surprised by some of their discoveries. Babies may know more than we think they do.

Amazing Baby Facts

Babies have a grasp of math and physics, according to psychologists. An infant can recognize the difference been one, two, and three objects. If you unexpectedly remove one or add one, a baby will clearly look surprised. Here are some more pretty amazing facts about babies:

  • If a newborn baby is placed on his or her mother’s stomach immediately after being born, he or she will use both arms and legs to slowly move over to the mother’s breast and begin nursing, without assistance.
  • Your baby is growing at a remarkable rate. If the first year’s rate of growth continued each year, the average person would be 170 feet tall by adulthood.
  • The hearing of a baby just 10 minutes old is remarkably sophisticated. In that short amount of time, babies are able to identify which direction a sound is coming from.
  • The sounds of human speech are music to the ears of babies. They love hearing people talk, and that’s why they imitate words and not objects, like a phone ringing.
  • Babies smile instinctively and not just because they are imitating the actions of others.
  • The sense of smell in babies is remarkably developed and is much stronger than it is for adults. Newborn babies use the sense of smell to become familiar with their parents. You can help your infant know who you are by avoiding strong smells such as perfume, scented shampoos, and fabric softener.
  • While still in the womb, babies connect to the emotions and feelings of their mother. Babies move more if the mom is listening to music, but the music isn’t what they are responding to. Instead, they respond to the emotions the mother is feeling.

Relax and Enjoy Your Baby

It’s so easy to get overly tired as young parents. Missing the many miraculous moments in a baby’s life can be easy, with all the responsibility involved in parenting. One way to look at it and get a fresh perspective is to think about what’s going on with your baby. Infants are more advanced little beings than we may think. Just take deep breaths and enjoy the growing connection between you and your tiny one. 

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